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41. Set Me Free 9/28/2014
42. The Lottery Of Life 11/10/2014
43. Wonderful Dream 7/16/2015
44. Fare Thee Well, My Lovely Muse, Fare Thee Well 4/21/2017
45. Slipping Even Further The More I Try 5/15/2013
46. Me, You And The Wardrobe 2/29/2012
47. Viagra 2/28/2012
48. Grow Old With Me 1/19/2013
49. I'M In Love With A Wonderful Woman 8/1/2012
50. Camelot 5/26/2013
51. Snowflake Ballet 1/18/2013
52. I'Ve Lost My Marbles 5/14/2013
53. Come Back To Me My Love 3/18/2013
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Come Back To Me My Love

My dear, how much I miss
the sweetness of your kiss.
Feeling your lips touch mine
was so wonderfully divine.

Oh, darling of my heart
let us not stay apart
but let's wipe the slate clean
and return to how we'd been.

I don't know what to say
and really rue that day
when I was so unkind
in leaving you behind.

For I'd been so foolish
to cause you such anguish
on that horrible day
when I drove you away.

I'd love to start again
to make up for the pain
and the awful distress
caused by my selfishness.

Come back to me my ...

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4-Poster Bed

There was a large 4-poster bed where we stayed
so we had great fun together as we played
and wondered what it would be like to make love
with a large silky canopy hanging above.

So we came back in the middle of the day
to frolic around and to giggle and play
imaginative games between the covers
as we played together like two young lovers

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