Younas Pulickakudy

Rookie - 0 Points [Younas Pulickakudy] (1/3/1998 / Kerala)

Biography of Younas Pulickakudy

I have lot of memories consisting of different types.
Some of them making me happy and some of them making me angry..
But most are painful which are including the memories that are capable even to separate my soul from body..
Those episodes reached me one by one or together as many events.
First time., I cried.. they robbed my saltish tears...
Then., gradualy I found relief when I writing those.
As short, stories, thoughts, novels etc..
Atlast., I liked to express those through poems like someone paving way to me.
I choosed poem as my heart's language when I felt that..
'Poems are short
But they have lot
When contributing
Messages or Feelings'
They touched my heart without touching my skin...
I must be thankfull to 'GOD' for giving a world of Love and a mind to feel that.....

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