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As of right now, my poems (If you can call them that...) are about the Land of Mer. Mer is a place in a story I wrote about for a writing class, but without all the demons and stuff... To get moving on, I'm just one of the ordinary 13 yr-old girls who like poetry, writing, and the Internet. And personally I just hate my poems.. I prefer writing stories, but just being able to read so many great poet's poems, it's like, a dream come true to know their poetry before their made world-wide. That pretty much sums up a lot about me. Might add to my biography later if I become more interesting then a pebble. :) Updates

Land Of Mer

The Demons are those who make small children cry,
But those who cry are prayed upon at night,
For their time is nigh
When the Demons are visible to human sight

To see the screaming beings go
Being dragged by the Devil’s creatures
The time is near- The once gently image of the moon is gaining an eerie glow
The poor children… Taken by the things with such atrocious features

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