Your Soul

Biography of Your Soul

I lyke Angelina Jolie butt C luvs Bradd Pitt.I also lyke Jennifer Anitson, butt C waz in luv wid Bradd Pitt.If Angelina adopts me then i don't have NE problem.Anglina has already adopeted 6 kids, if C adopts one more than I dont think there would be NE problem.I also lyke Paris Hilton, butt C doz not know me, wut 2 do? plz write 2 me Updates

Prince Harming

She was always searching for a 'Prince Charming'
Who can use his tool for skillful farming
But the one she found was expert in farting
That too at the rate explosive and alarming
Which contributed to the global warming
So she eschewed 'C' and named him 'Prince Harming'.

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