Youssef Rzouga

Rookie (21/03/1957 / MAHDIA: TUNISIE)

Biography of Youssef Rzouga

Youssef, Rzouga, March21st,1957 in Mahdia/Tunisia
-First literary experiences: 1967
-First text published: 'Something called need', a short story in the magazine 'Radio et Television' /1973
-Master's Degree in Journalism and Information sciences (political sciences)
-Russian language Diploma from the Faculty Patrice Lumumba/moscow
-Postgraduate diploma in political sciences.
-Postgraduate diploma in theories of art and aesthetics
-Postgraduate diploma in journalism and information sciences.
-Chief editor of the literary supplement 'Warakat Thakafia' of the tunisian daily paper 'La Presse' since 1989.
-National merit award in the cultural field
-Chebby Prize for his poetic book ' Flowers of Dioxyde of History' 2003
_Prize of the gouvernorat of Mahdia for his poetic book ' Emergency Case Declaration' 2003
_King Abdallah II's Creativity Prize /Jordan 2004

Youssef Rzouga's Works:

Poetic Works:
-I'm distiguished from you by my grievances 1979
-The program of the rose 1984
-The astrolabe of Youssef the traveler 1986
-The Wolf in the Word 1998
-The Country Between the Hands 2001
-Flowers of Dioxyde of History 2001
-Emergency Case Declaration 2002
-Poetical Works (volume I) 2003
-The Butterfly and the Dynamite 2004
-Yogana (The Book of Poetic Yoga) 2004
-The Ground Zero 2005
- Le Fil(s) de l'araignée (in french) 2005
-The Garden and its surroundings (Aspects of the career of the poet Yousse Rzouga,224 pages) By: Khaled Mejri and Chawki Anizi.
-Globalisation and poetic language in ' Flowers of Dioxyde of History' By: Maher Derbel and A.Kolsi.
-The Troubadour of Modern times by Walid soliman
-The Half-open Door By Hafedh Mahfoud
-Down with the mask By Chems Ouni
-The Orchestra of the Poet By Houyam Ferchichi Updates

Towards Her

The little I know about her
She's pretty than me
I have to do something:
To step forward
Towards the end
To move back
Towards her