Ysanna.D.E (Cherish) John

Rookie (St.Vincent &The Grenadines)

Biography of Ysanna.D.E (Cherish) John

Ysanna John is an English and Literature teacher who has been writing poems from the age of twelve.She is practical and humble and lets her pen do the talking most of the time.Ysanna is married and has three children.She also enjoys reading, photography, art and craft, debates and of course writing stories and poems.Her favorite quote is: 'Attempt something so impossible that if God does not intervene, it will surely fail'.

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It All Began With You

It is said that the hand that rocks the cradle is the one that rules the world.
Each, doctor, teacher, lawyer, or whatever the job is called.
A woman, though some may not admit or realize
Is the true recipient of each degree, trophy or prize.

The sanitation worker who picks up after us
Is emulating Mother, who does it without fuss.
The attorney who tries to prove one's innocence
Does it in Mother's spirit, she presided in each offence.

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