Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points [John Templeton] (4.07.1972.)

Yuri Starostin Poems

41. You I Love Also Secretly Valery Alalykin 3/8/2013
42. The Top Is Far Seems Near Stands Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
43. For The First Time Having Been Guilty Before You Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
44. Everything Somewhat In Us Is Good Happens Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
45. All To A People Dreams: A Pleasure, A Grief Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
46. I Have Returned... Rasul Gamzatov 4/2/2013
47. Eternal Youth Rasul Gamzatov 4/2/2013
48. And I Love A Raspberry Sunrise Rasul Gamzatov 4/5/2013
49. Even Those To Whom Remains, Can Rasul Gamzatov 4/7/2013
50. The Day And The Night Borns For A Good Rasul Gamzatov 4/7/2013
51. The Head Of Hadzhi-Murat Rasul Gamzatov 4/7/2013
52. By The All Heart I Want The Happiness For Yours Girlfriends! Rasul Gamzatov 4/9/2013
53. To Arcady Raikin Rasul Gamzatov 4/10/2013
54. Following Me By The Step Rasul Gamzatov 4/11/2013
55. When Someone Is Parted By The Defect Rasul Gamzatov 4/16/2013
56. The Horse You Will See - Bow Rasul Gamzatov 4/16/2013
57. Katrine Valery Alalykin 3/10/2013
58. Protect The Friends Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
59. In The Ancient Time Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
60. I Do Not Bore My Verses Rasul Gamzatov 4/20/2013
61. My Friend Does Not Write Me A Letters Rasul Gamzatov 4/20/2013
62. On Unknown Platforms Rasul Gamzatov 4/20/2013
63. Over Alazan Rasul Gamzatov 7/3/2013
64. The Sun Somewhere Parting The Shadows Vasily Bargachan 7/5/2013
65. Brighter Then Other Your Window Burning, Vasily Bargachan 7/6/2013
66. When By The Un-Muddy Joy Vasily Bargachan 7/6/2013
67. I Was Born In The Chora Vasily Bargachan 7/7/2013
68. Hedee Vasily Bargachan 7/9/2013
69. In The Moonlit Night Vasily Bargachan 7/21/2013
70. In The Days Of The Late Autumn Vasily Bargachan 7/21/2013
71. Not Fly Away, Not Fly Away Et A Little Go Around-Aleksandr Marshal 4/21/2013
72. On The Sabres Of Shamil Rasul Gamzatov 5/17/2013
73. The Cry Has Rolled Over Tayga By Vasily Bargachan 9/12/2013
74. Child Went By Vasily Bargachan 10/19/2013
75. Going Hunting Vasily Bargachan 10/19/2013
76. On The Moonlit Night Vasily Bargachan 10/19/2013
77. Anadyr Flowers By Vasily Bargachan 10/27/2013
78. On The Winter By Vasily Bargachan 10/27/2013
79. By You The Ouystretched Arm By Rasul Gamzatov 11/6/2013
80. On A Love By Rasul Gamzatov 11/21/2013

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Best Poem of Yuri Starostin

Demon. Mikhail Lermontov.

* PART 1 *


The melancholy Demon, the spirit of exile,
He flew over the sinful earth,
And the best days of the memories
Before him crowd by the herd;
Those days, when in the dwelling of light
He shine, the pure cherub,
When the traveling comet
By the kindly smile of greeting
It liked to change the places with him,
When, through the eternal fogs
Greedy of the knowledge, he watched
The wandering caravans
In the space of the abandoned stars;
When he believed and beloved,
The happy firstborn of creation!
Do not know neither a ...

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Carolina Valery Alalykin

In the foreign, far Emirates,
In a wave of the Persian gulf,
I have appeared suddenly in the embraces
Of the unexpected and playful destiny.
The sea shooks unsubjected,
Lapped at night at our feet,

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