Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points [John Templeton] (4.07.1972.)

Yuri Starostin Poems

81. And I Have Thought, The Guilty Person By Rasul Gamzatov 11/27/2013
82. Your Eyes By Rasul Gamzatov 11/27/2013
83. It Happens In Life All The Way Around By Rasul Gamzatov 11/27/2013
84. My Fumes Lamp Throws A Light By Rasul Gamzatov 11/28/2013
85. I'M A Star Flare To You To Please By Rasul Gamzatov 11/27/2013
86. Because I Know That For A Long Time By Rasul Gamzatov 11/28/2013
87. So I Am Back From The Road... By Rasul Gamzatov 11/27/2013
88. I Want To Declare A Love By The Land By Rasul Gamzatov 11/30/2013
89. When You Would Not Exist By Rasul Gamzatov 11/30/2013
90. You Are Among The Clevest Of All Women Are Clever By Rasul Gamzatov 11/30/2013
91. The Rain Outside The Window - I Think About You By Rasul Gamzatov 12/2/2013
92. When For Everything That We Have Done By Rasul Gamzatov 12/2/2013
93. In My Memories Of Spring By Rasul Gamzatov 12/2/2013
94. It Happened To Me To See Sometimes Rasul Gamzatov 4/20/2013
95. Sailed Away The Youth Years Gone Vasily Bargachan 10/2/2013
96. For The Sake Of The Trues Rasul Gamzatov 4/14/2013
97. Call By Vasily Bargachan 10/6/2013
98. If In The World The One Thousand Men... Rasul Gamzatov 4/6/2013
99. Comrades Of A Far My Days By Rasul Gamzatov 12/3/2013
100. - Joy, Slow Up, Where Are You Flying? By Rasul Gamzatov 12/3/2013
101. Believe Me, The First Error Is Not Fatal By Rasul Gamatov 12/4/2013
102. Carts By Rasul Gamzatov 12/5/2013
103. Like A Swans A Dashed Flock Goes By Vasily Bargachan 12/12/2013
104. We Welcome The New Year 12/12/2013
105. A Master Took A Cold Stone In A Hands By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
106. My Song By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
107. Heart By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
108. In A Flight By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
109. I Like To Wander On The Forest Edge In A Summer By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
110. An Autumn By Vasily Bargachan 12/14/2013
111. A Fire Buzzes And Hums By Vasily Bargachan 12/15/2013
112. Today A Snow Is In The Yard By Vasily Bargachan 12/15/2013
113. I Catch A Snowflakes By The Warm Arm By Vasily Bargachan 12/15/2013
114. There Is No Way Forward By Vasily Bargachan 12/18/2013
115. The Sun Had Roll Out Quietly By Vasily Bargachan 12/18/2013
116. The Woman Of The Mountains (Part Two) Rasul Gamzatov 2/23/2014
117. The Octa-Verse - The Eight Lines, In By Rasul Gamzatov 2/24/2014
118. With A Love To A Women By Rasul Gamzatov 2/26/2014
119. Shamil Love By Rasul Gamzatov 3/2/2014
120. Hot Heart Burning Sigh By Rasul Gamzatov 3/5/2014
Best Poem of Yuri Starostin

Demon. Mikhail Lermontov.

* PART 1 *


The melancholy Demon, the spirit of exile,
He flew over the sinful earth,
And the best days of the memories
Before him crowd by the herd;
Those days, when in the dwelling of light
He shine, the pure cherub,
When the traveling comet
By the kindly smile of greeting
It liked to change the places with him,
When, through the eternal fogs
Greedy of the knowledge, he watched
The wandering caravans
In the space of the abandoned stars;
When he believed and beloved,
The happy firstborn of creation!
Do not know neither a ...

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Carolina Valery Alalykin

In the foreign, far Emirates,
In a wave of the Persian gulf,
I have appeared suddenly in the embraces
Of the unexpected and playful destiny.
The sea shooks unsubjected,
Lapped at night at our feet,

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