Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points [John Templeton] (4.07.1972.)

Yuri Starostin Poems

121. I Heard That By The Verses Avicenna By Rasul Gamzatov 3/2/2014
122. My Poems By Rasul Gamzatov 3/2/2014
123. I Confess: I Think Sometimes By Rasul Gamzatov 3/2/2014
124. Darling, A Cause, Tell To Be Kind By Rasul Gamzatov 3/2/2014
125. The Love, Perhaps, Is An Institute By Rasul Gamzatov 3/5/2014
126. Sometimes It Seems To Me That The Lines By Rasul Gamzatov 3/1/2014
127. A Tear That Slip On Yours Cheek By Rasul Gamzatov 3/19/2014
128. The Casket Is Lowered From The Heaven On The Chains By Rasul Gamzatov 3/28/2014
129. Eldarilav- Singer Make A Woo Sentence By Rasul Gamzatov 4/17/2014
130. Then Ever It Would Really You Are Not Exist, By Rasul Gamzatov 11/29/2014
131. You Ask Your Question Not For The First Time By Rasul Gamzatov 11/29/2014
132. Still I Want Some One A Long Time Ago By Rasul Gamzatov 12/1/2014
133. The Life Day By Day Is Getting Shorter By Rasul Gamzatov 12/1/2014
134. Good Morning! Look: The White Unbroken Horse By Rasul 12/2/2014
135. The Carts By Rasul Gamzatov 12/2/2014
136. The Talking With The Clock By Rasul Gamzatov 12/2/2014
137. As Long As The Turning Earth By Rasul Gamzatov 12/3/2014
138. The Woman Of The Mountains (Bergine) Rasul Gamzatov 12/27/2013
139. Avarian Tale By Rasul Gamzatov 12/28/2013
140. The Woman Of The Mountains (The Berg-Ine) 2 By Rasul Gamzatov 2/2/2014
141. The Wedding By Rasul Gamzatov 12/6/2014
142. If Suddenly And I Will Be A Metal By Rasul Gamzatov 12/14/2014
143. Russia, Once You Are Not With The Flowers By Rasul Gamzatov 12/15/2014
144. The Ways Of The World Are Endless Are Many By Rasul Gamzatov 12/16/2014
145. Indeed I Am No Good So By Rasul Gamzatov 12/22/2014
146. You Are For Us, Time, Do Not Proud By Rasul Gamzatov 12/23/2014
147. You Are, Time, As The Executioner At The Appointed Hour By Rasul Gamzatov 12/24/2014
148. What Is I Want Under The Destinies Tent? By Rasul Gamzatov 12/25/2014
149. Thank The Love Gift Me The Verses By Rasul Gamzatov 12/26/2014
150. The Three Happy Men Are In The World, No Doubt: By Rasul Gamzatov 12/29/2014
151. This Night Restless I Sleep By Rasul Gamzatov 12/30/2014
152. The Fur-Tree Was Born In The Forest By Raisa Kudasheva 12/31/2014
153. Tell Me, Snow Maiden By Y. Entin 12/31/2014
154. Yellow Leaves -Song 1/1/2015
155. I Love The Married Man - Song 1/1/2015
156. I Be Loved - Give Me A Horse! By Rasul Gamzatov 1/3/2015
157. Cruel Love Sing F. Circirov 1/3/2015
158. Diva Sing F. Circorov 1/3/2015
159. By The Evening, You Was So Beauty By Rasul Gamzatov 1/4/2015
160. The Poet Do The Poems To His Wife By Rasul Gamzatov 1/4/2015
Best Poem of Yuri Starostin

Demon. Mikhail Lermontov.

* PART 1 *


The melancholy Demon, the spirit of exile,
He flew over the sinful earth,
And the best days of the memories
Before him crowd by the herd;
Those days, when in the dwelling of light
He shine, the pure cherub,
When the traveling comet
By the kindly smile of greeting
It liked to change the places with him,
When, through the eternal fogs
Greedy of the knowledge, he watched
The wandering caravans
In the space of the abandoned stars;
When he believed and beloved,
The happy firstborn of creation!
Do not know neither a ...

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Poor Lamb Rasul Gamzatov

Poor lamb
Before you are innocent,
That almost became the sacred.
Has not gnaw anybody,
Has butted nobody.

Cut you twice in a year
To the last ringlet.
And in the five minutes once

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