Yuri Starostin

Veteran Poet - 1,950 Points [John Templeton] (4.07.1972.)

Yuri Starostin Poems

241. Dzhangar The Third Song Tha Feats Of Hero Sanal End 1/12/2017
242. Who Is To Live Good In The Rus Part One Prologue N. Nekrasov 2/2/2017
243. Once I Came Out Of The Woods Alexander Pushkin 2/15/2017
244. The Song On Prophetic Oleg Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin 3/1/2015
245. Wash -Till- Holes Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky 3/7/2015
246. Libretto P. I. Tchaikovsky 'Eugeny Onegin'17-22 2/27/2015
247. ?oachman, Don`t Rush The Horses (W. N. Ritter) 2/7/2015
248. Chrysanthemums Bloomed Out (Cl. Shuysky) 2/10/2015
249. Evenings Near The Moscow By M. Matusovsky 2/7/2015
250. Uncle Styopa Part 3 By S. Mickhalkov 2/1/2015
251. The Fairy Tale On The Pop And His Worker Balda By A. Pushkin 1/15/2015
252. Big Cockroach C. Chuckovsky 1/5/2015
253. The Smile -From Cartoon 12/31/2014
254. Song Of The Crocodile Gena - Cartoon 12/31/2014
255. More Increasingly The Autumn Signs Are On By Rasul Gamzatov 12/13/2014
256. The Ballad On The Wolfhound, On The Horse And On The Young Berg Girl For The Name Aishat By Rasul Gamzatov 12/4/2014
257. Zarema By Rasul Gamzatov 12/20/2013
258. In Ahvaha Rasul Gamzatov 4/5/2013
259. The Blurred Outlines Of A Cliffs By Rasul Gamzatov 12/3/2013
260. Christina And The Storm Valery Alalykin 3/7/2013
261. Angela By Valery Alalykin 3/12/2013
262. First Feeling Valery Alalykin 3/5/2013
263. 'You Are Not Stranger To Me...' Valery Alaykin 3/5/2013
264. Meeting At Theatre Valery Alalykin 3/8/2013
265. Poor Lamb Rasul Gamzatov 4/1/2013
266. Blacken Sheets Evgeny Onegin A.S. Pushkin 3/3/2013
267. The Doubt Valery Alalykin 3/4/2013
268. Grief From Mind End A.S. Griboedov 3/4/2013
269. Carolina Valery Alalykin 3/10/2013
270. Do Not Call Huge For My Land... 5/17/2013
271. The Woman Of A Mountains (The Berg-Ine) 3 Rasul Gamzatov 2/9/2014
272. Again The Day Of Your Birth By Rasul Gamzatov 12/31/2014
273. Care You, Son -Sing A. Malinin 1/4/2015
274. Fly-Buzzing By K. Chukovsky 1/19/2015
275. Evening Ring By I. Kozlov 2/7/2015
276. Lilies Of The Valley 2/18/2015
277. Stolen Sun Korney Ivanovich Chukovsky 3/6/2015
278. Aibolit By K.I.Chukovsky 3/3/2015
279. The Tale On The Dead Princess And The Seven Bogatyrs Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin 3/9/2015
280. There Are The Doors In The Khorasan 2/17/2015

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Song Of The Varangian Guest From The Opera 'sadko'

Song of the Varangian Guest from the Opera 'Sadko'
The waves terrible break up with the roaring on the rocks
And, turning with the white foam, run back.
But firmly the grey cliffs endure the waves rush
Stand over the sea.

From those rocks stone at us, Varangians, the bones are,
From the sea waves in us, the blood-ore went.
And the thoughts are secret from the fog,
We born at the sea will die at the sea.

The swords is the bulat, the arrows are sharp at the Varangians,
They cause the death missless to the enemy,
The people of the midnight ...

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Katrine Valery Alalykin

To you I will not come today.
The stars in the sky were scattered by the flakes.
Here again I go melancholy
On the wheat with the tight ears.
In the field there is nobody, I am one.
And where I go, myself I do not know.
To me recently has told Katrine:
«It is hard to me with you the fidget»

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