Yvette Settle

Rookie (LEO 1964 / Mount Vernon, New York)

Biography of Yvette Settle

Hopefully In-Love and Inspired by the quiet rythms
of life and a very special man.

Excerpts of 'His' writings
'I was walking in the street when a breeze brushed
my ear, I looked around and saw you smiling at me.'

'Words fall from my lips upon deaf ears
nearby; though you are millions of miles away,
you hear me from within.'

'I cry for you at night, and yet I hear your tears
for me in my sleep.'

PoemHunter.com Updates

A Euphoric Moment

The sun kisses my cheek; I squint at its brightness...
My feet are touching hot earth, yet it is my soul that's a blaze!
I take in what the sun has for me...So I shine as the sunrays dance in my stead.

I pause for a moment to give praise for the purposeful son; the brilliance of his light, it magnifies not over just a mere one, but to all who would seek him...the son illuminates.

The son kisses my cheek; I squint at his brightness...
My feet are touching hot earth and I am a blaze!

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