Yvette Settle

Rookie (LEO 1964 / Mount Vernon, New York)

Biography of Yvette Settle

Hopefully In-Love and Inspired by the quiet rythms
of life and a very special man.

Excerpts of 'His' writings
'I was walking in the street when a breeze brushed
my ear, I looked around and saw you smiling at me.'

'Words fall from my lips upon deaf ears
nearby; though you are millions of miles away,
you hear me from within.'

'I cry for you at night, and yet I hear your tears
for me in my sleep.'

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All in my head yesterday, laying on my pillow...in my minds ear; then you whispered to me in my dream last night....da ya dit da!

The sound of your voice like jazz...electrifying. Swooning me, all the while crooning out notes, your life, your life, my life, my life....

Finding balance, creating a moment in time...embarking on memories, magic yet to be made, elements that can't be erased and rapture, it too shall never fade. Rat a tit ta...da ya dit da!

Like jazz; your life, my life...

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