Z.I. Mahmud

Z.I. Mahmud Poems

41. The Painting Of The Picture 8/16/2012
42. The Traveler Of The Village 8/18/2012
43. Breakfast! Breakfast! 8/19/2012
44. Shondha (Evening) 8/19/2012
45. Dreams 8/20/2012
46. My Village 8/14/2012
47. My Travelling 8/14/2012
48. The Whole Day It Is Raining! ! ! 8/21/2012
49. Potato Chop! ! 8/21/2012
50. Eid-Ul Fitr.....Eid Mubarak! ! Eid Mubarak! ! 8/21/2012
51. Fire Fly 8/21/2012
52. Spiritual Shower! ! 8/22/2012
53. Stars Twinkle 8/24/2012
54. Winter 8/26/2012
55. In The World Of The Stars! 8/26/2012
56. I Want To Be A Warrior But How! 8/26/2012
57. When No One Contacts Me...I Am Alone.. 8/26/2012
58. Secret Message Of The Heart! 8/26/2012
59. The Two Martins! 8/27/2012
60. Once I Passed By The Passage! 8/27/2012
61. Happy... I Am So Happy! 8/28/2012
62. The Air Is Blowing 8/28/2012
63. What It Was! 8/27/2012
64. Eyes Like Pearls! Seem So Bright! 8/29/2012
65. A Real Doctor! 8/29/2012
66. In The Land Of The Wizards! 8/29/2012
67. Kabab Kabab! Come And Taste Asia's Kabab! 8/29/2012
68. When I Hear That Word 'Mathematics' 8/29/2012
69. Garland Of Faith 8/30/2012
70. Pocket Tissue 8/30/2012
71. Tady ... You Are My Tady... 8/30/2012
72. The Voice Of A Migratory Bird 8/30/2012
73. This World And Responses! But What About The Accounts In The Hereafter! 8/30/2012
74. Water 8/30/2012
75. The Real Hoptile Of The Battlefield 8/30/2012
76. One New Butterfly! 8/30/2012
77. Hilsa Fish..... My Favorite 8/30/2012
78. That Evening Was An Exceptional One! 8/30/2012
79. School Reopens After Second Semester 8/31/2012
80. Phone Call.... Ring Ring 8/31/2012
Best Poem of Z.I. Mahmud

A Conversation Between A Kumro And A Bird

Conversation of a Kumro and a Bird
{Background: Far away from the village at a small forest there was a Kumro Creeper. Only one Kumro(a gourd species which has sharp feeler) was hanging there. It was very early in the morning. Dew drops have washed away grasses, creepers trees and plants and other leaves.}
Dew: Brother Kumro, how do you do?
Kumro: Fine and you?
Dew: Me too.
Kumro: You are a very good guy. Every day you wash my body. I feel very happy then!
Dew: It is my duty until the rain falls. I always wash the trees, the grass and other creepers. Then they look ...

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My Likings

I like what I like
You like what you like
I like the tales from William Shakespeare
I like Wordsworth's poems
I like Rabindranth Tagore
I like Dr. Mohammad Shaidullah
I like to read fiction written by Mohammad Zafar Iqbal
I like to listen music by Lata, Asha and Kishore Kumar
I like to get wet in the rain

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