Z.I. Mahmud

Z.I. Mahmud Poems

81. Pc Games 8/31/2012
82. Haiku On Book! 8/31/2012
83. Haiku On Beautiful Days! 8/31/2012
84. Haiku On Poems 8/31/2012
85. Are They Green Big Apples? Yes The Mystery Of Guavas 8/31/2012
86. A Shining Star! 8/31/2012
87. The Prayer Of Healing! 8/31/2012
88. You Are There And I Am Here 8/31/2012
89. Dinner 8/31/2012
90. Haiku On Lost Dreams And Hopes 8/31/2012
91. A Dream 8/31/2012
92. The Kingdom Of The Trees 8/31/2012
93. My Mouse Is Not Working... 8/31/2012
94. Haiku On Trees! 8/31/2012
95. Haiku On Hit List And Ratings Of The Eyes! 8/31/2012
96. Mountain Of Desires 8/31/2012
97. Sky Of Dreams! 8/31/2012
98. He Has Eaten My Breakfast! 8/31/2012
99. Image Of The Broken Mirror 8/31/2012
100. Cloudy Days! 9/1/2012
101. Once Upon A Time... 8/23/2012
102. The Prayer Of Prophet Daud (As) 8/24/2012
103. The Prayer Of Prophet Ibrahim (As) 8/24/2012
104. Rain Hits My Brain! 8/29/2012
105. Ah! Those Chocolates Named Milky Way! 9/4/2012
106. Hurdles And Struggles! 9/4/2012
107. A Winter Night 9/6/2012
108. Sleeping 9/6/2012
109. On This Day Of Pleasant Morning 9/6/2012
110. Making A Story 9/6/2012
111. Suddenly Waking From A Dream 9/6/2012
112. Patience 9/7/2012
113. Fever For Few Days 9/18/2012
114. Oh! Mother Mine! ! ! @@mother's Day Special! ! 9/19/2012
115. Words By The Heart Of The Nature 9/21/2012
116. Rain 9/25/2012
117. Have To Say 10/3/2012
118. Fate; Not The Only Thing To Depend Upon 10/3/2012
119. Song For A Song 11/1/2012
120. Treasury Of Luxury 12/13/2012
Best Poem of Z.I. Mahmud

A Conversation Between A Kumro And A Bird

Conversation of a Kumro and a Bird
{Background: Far away from the village at a small forest there was a Kumro Creeper. Only one Kumro(a gourd species which has sharp feeler) was hanging there. It was very early in the morning. Dew drops have washed away grasses, creepers trees and plants and other leaves.}
Dew: Brother Kumro, how do you do?
Kumro: Fine and you?
Dew: Me too.
Kumro: You are a very good guy. Every day you wash my body. I feel very happy then!
Dew: It is my duty until the rain falls. I always wash the trees, the grass and other creepers. Then they look ...

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Books! Books!

Books are the key to build a nation
Because education is the back-bone of a nation
Books are the best prizes among all
Books smell nice
Fragrance of books are attractive
They give us knowledge
So they give us power
They give us pleasure while reading
Read books!

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