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161. The Hunter Of The Poems! ! ! 9/4/2012
162. Haiku On Flowers 9/7/2012
163. My House 8/11/2012
164. The Prayer Of Prophet Isa (As) 8/24/2012
165. The Caribbean Island 8/9/2012
166. Tulips 8/8/2012
167. Flow 6/15/2013
168. A Conversation Between A Kumro And A Bird 8/27/2012

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A Conversation Between A Kumro And A Bird

Conversation of a Kumro and a Bird
{Background: Far away from the village at a small forest there was a Kumro Creeper. Only one Kumro(a gourd species which has sharp feeler) was hanging there. It was very early in the morning. Dew drops have washed away grasses, creepers trees and plants and other leaves.}
Dew: Brother Kumro, how do you do?
Kumro: Fine and you?
Dew: Me too.
Kumro: You are a very good guy. Every day you wash my body. I feel very happy then!
Dew: It is my duty until the rain falls. I always wash the trees, the grass and other creepers. Then they look ...

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Books! Books!

Books are the key to build a nation
Because education is the back-bone of a nation
Books are the best prizes among all
Books smell nice
Fragrance of books are attractive
They give us knowledge
So they give us power
They give us pleasure while reading
Read books!

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