Zabidi Hussin

Rookie [zabidi hussin] (27th August 1961 / Malaysia)

Biography of Zabidi Hussin

Brought up in rural Malaysia in 1960s where we got light from kerosene lamps, water from wells. Television was a luxury affordable by certain sections of the society. I spent most of my spare time reading my elder sister's literature books. Did well in my high school exams and sent to Wales to pursue A level on government scholarship.Got into Newcastle Uni medical School and graduated in 1985. Stayed on and worked in the United Kingdom as a Medical Officer and underwent Paediatric specialty training. Returned to Malaysia in 1991. Now Professor of Paediatrics at Universiti Sains Malaysia

Zabidi Hussin's Works:

Genetics Peril A True Story by Dr Zabidi Hussin written by Norzailina Nordin
Spinal Muscular Atrophy by Zabidi Hussin and Zilfalil Alwi Updates

Stop Spinning

Hey planet Earth!
Why don’t you stop spinning?
Even just for a short burst..

Its your earnest spinning
That makes us rush
No time for a solemn hush

Its your spinning

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