Zachary Clougher

Rookie (Pi-day / Lowell, MA)

Biography of Zachary Clougher

Well, I'm not really that great a writing but I enjoy doing it on my own time as a sort of hobby. I'm currently enrolled in college at Northeastern University in Boston. I'm try to get my degree in Mechanical Engineering.... kind of a ways off from writing what you feel from life, huh? I now live in the small town of Tyngsborough that is located in northern Massachusetts. If you don't recognize that name then you might know one of my neighbors like the city of Lowell or the town of Dracut. I get the inspiration for my poems from the books that I read or from the situation I find myself in from day to day. Sometimes they just hit me like a brick wall and most other times it takes me a while to get one out because it slowly comes out line by line. Someday I wish to write one that entails the world around me and the myriad of emotions that are floating around out there. The toughest poem that I've been working on the longest (it's not even published on here yet) is call something that has to do with the inner song of each person and what it means to be able to hear it and learn it. I wish unto those what they would wish unto me. Updates



To be remembered….
To be loved….
To be respected….
To be….
It is enough for me just,
To be….
I have lived,

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