Zaffar Qureshi Quotes

15 April 2019

For the most part, I was busy emptying myself. I saw an old women selling roses, and I wrote a poem. I saw someone die of hunger, I wrote a poem. I hurt someone, I wrote a poem. I fell in love, and instead of saying something, I wrote a poem. I haven't seen someone I loved and grew up with, for ages, and I never tried to talk to them, but I wrote a poem. All this time, I was getting rid of parts of me that hurt, but at the same time creating more each day so that the cycle that my life now revolves around continues, so that I may have some part to get rid of tomorrow, some part to turn into a poem.

15 April 2019

Poetry must first appeal to the heart, and then to the heart again, and again, and then finally to the mind. Philosophy on the other hand should at all times be kept safe from the heart, or else it is doomed, for it is neither allowed to stay in the house of philosophy nor poetry.

22 April 2019

Romanticism was perhaps the best thing that happened to english poetry after Shakespeare.But there is something seriously wrong with romantic poetry. The romantics achieve unimaginable heights in describing beauty. But their concept of beauty is personified into the body of a women. The women serves as a object for love. That may on the surface seem okay, but when you think about it, they, for the most part aren't talking about the women at all. She serves just as an object through the means of which they try and achieve meaning in 'greater' things. Therefore her purpose is only that of an empty, beautiful glass that is to be filled with meaning by them. She is an anthropomorphic diety in the imagination of the poet, not a real human. You see that's the thing with poets they're excessively narcissistic. All good poets believe that no real thing can be as beautiful as it's abstraction in their heads. The Quran refers to poets as deceivers, people who distort the truth. Plato believes so too. This is also the reason why poets can never be truly happy or satisfied. For the real world, is too senile and simply boring to them. So if someone who's a romantic (that might be me) writes a poem about you, do not be flattered.

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