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1. States Of The Union - Nevada 4/14/2012
2. States Of The Union - Indiana 4/14/2012
3. States Of The Union - Louisiana 4/14/2012
4. The Games 4/14/2012
5. The Bearers 4/14/2012
6. Vigilantes 4/14/2012
7. A Game 4/14/2012
8. White, Black, And Red 4/14/2012
9. The Wheel 4/14/2012
10. Starlust 4/14/2012
11. The Three 4/15/2012
12. First Love - For January, My Wife 5/4/2012
13. Pretense Will Get You There 5/4/2012
14. States Of The Union - Arizona 5/4/2012
15. Atomic Consciousness 5/4/2012
16. Again 5/4/2012
17. Aqua Nova 5/4/2012
18. Gravity 5/4/2012
19. We Wish To Welcome You 5/4/2012
20. He Shot A Round 5/4/2012
21. The Lamb Of God-Fearing England 5/4/2012
22. Re: Past 5/4/2012
23. The Flight 5/4/2012
24. Covered Stone 5/4/2012
25. Equinox 5/4/2012
26. For Sam And Leo 5/4/2012
27. Multiplicity 5/5/2012
28. Occupation 5/9/2012
29. Upon The Thames 5/15/2012
30. Castles Of Convenience 5/15/2012
31. Parade To The Past 5/4/2012
32. A Thing Of Beauty 5/4/2012

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Best Poem of Zane Gilley

A Thing Of Beauty

It hung there, dormant stirred by only wind,
A barely twisting nod, the greeting swing.
And armed by one with ivy loose entwined,
It torqued awaiting, someone or something.
At last, it failed, aground with heated flash,
Amid a heaving, long forgotten rain.
The aged friend lay bent, half burned to ash,
Unheard by men, with time to entertain.
And in the brushy end, a nest had laid.
A card'nals roost once favored by the flood
Of angered lonely sacredness displayed,
And naught divine could fix the broken brood.
The beauty's not in color, shape, or kind;...

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The Bearers

When Jefferson his Declaration wrote,
Encircled by the fellowship of friends,
Decrying tyrannies of bloody coat,
The freest men used violence for amends.
Can they be blamed for bleeding once again
This people of their rights and liberty?
That parchment lacked the power to restrain
The feds from growing exponentially.
Yet, in the lands of fabled Rivendell,

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