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1. States Of The Union - Nevada 4/14/2012
2. States Of The Union - Indiana 4/14/2012
3. States Of The Union - Louisiana 4/14/2012
4. The Games 4/14/2012
5. The Bearers 4/14/2012
6. Vigilantes 4/14/2012
7. A Game 4/14/2012
8. White, Black, And Red 4/14/2012
9. The Wheel 4/14/2012
10. Starlust 4/14/2012
11. The Three 4/15/2012
12. First Love - For January, My Wife 5/4/2012
13. Pretense Will Get You There 5/4/2012
14. States Of The Union - Arizona 5/4/2012
15. Atomic Consciousness 5/4/2012
16. Again 5/4/2012
17. Aqua Nova 5/4/2012
18. Gravity 5/4/2012
19. We Wish To Welcome You 5/4/2012
20. He Shot A Round 5/4/2012
21. The Lamb Of God-Fearing England 5/4/2012
22. Re: Past 5/4/2012
23. The Flight 5/4/2012
24. Covered Stone 5/4/2012
25. Equinox 5/4/2012
26. For Sam And Leo 5/4/2012
27. Multiplicity 5/5/2012
28. Occupation 5/9/2012
29. Upon The Thames 5/15/2012
30. Castles Of Convenience 5/15/2012
31. Parade To The Past 5/4/2012
32. A Thing Of Beauty 5/4/2012

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A Thing Of Beauty

It hung there, dormant stirred by only wind,
A barely twisting nod, the greeting swing.
And armed by one with ivy loose entwined,
It torqued awaiting, someone or something.
At last, it failed, aground with heated flash,
Amid a heaving, long forgotten rain.
The aged friend lay bent, half burned to ash,
Unheard by men, with time to entertain.
And in the brushy end, a nest had laid.
A card'nals roost once favored by the flood
Of angered lonely sacredness displayed,
And naught divine could fix the broken brood.
The beauty's not in color, shape, or kind;...

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The earth conceals itself from all desires,
As what a man pursues, another flees.
What soothes one's troubled soul, can minds inspire -
Ascending heights or drag them to their knees.
Misfortunate it is that ofts the case
Of brigands forcing wills on humble men
Who cry - Relief! Remove us from this place
Of tortured lives, and make us whole again!
Yet, men who maintain peace by shedding blood

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