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1. My Dog Tess 12/27/2011
2. No Longer Broken Hearted 12/27/2011
3. The Esape 6/23/2013
4. Uncureable 6/23/2013
5. Remember Me 6/23/2013
6. I'M Broken 6/23/2013
7. The Devil Inside 6/23/2013
8. Revenge 6/23/2013
9. A Girl 6/23/2013
10. Best Friends 6/23/2013
11. Tears She Cries 6/23/2013
12. Wrongful Cuts 6/23/2013
13. Runaway 6/24/2013
14. Story Of A Girl 6/24/2013
15. Let Me Be 6/24/2013
16. A Little Act 6/24/2013
17. Runaway With Me 6/24/2013
18. Suicide 6/23/2013
19. Save Me 6/23/2013
20. If I Die Today 6/23/2013
21. Hate 6/28/2013
22. Forget Me 6/23/2013
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No Longer Broken Hearted

Now i'm in a world where
it's all bout me + you
got to let my broken heart
2 be free 2 fly away with you
becausei've found sum1 whos
always true, got 2 open up
my heart 'n' let you in
got 2 take a chance whos 2
say true love wont win
if we may fail will build
a new trail, love is never
easy but these lines are really
cheesy. but it's pretty easy
2 show you how much you
make me smile even if
it's only 4 a while
but i'm glad it's you
who makes me smile

Happy Birthday babes
love you x

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My Dog Tess

My dog tesss love going for walks
she always snores
she hogs the bed
she's never bad
she's never sad
she shows this with her tail that wags
she barks at the postman
she chases his
she's not being nasty
she's scaed of his hat

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