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i have lived in holland until my fifteenth. mostr of those years were good. however my fourteenth uptil seventeen have been a rough ride. events happend that now have made me wiser and a bit more mature in a way i guess.altho i do love acting like a child since i hate growing up and having to face all the troubles and resposibilities live brings me.
I moved to New Zealand together with my parents and my sistser. i am now 18 and love New Zealand and the people living here. it has been a very good change from holland as i find the country stress full with way too many people and not enough space. whereas with beyautyfull new zealand there is plenty of space, the people are more friendly, and there is no snow in winter (yay!) Updates


You know the things that I remember
Are spells of grief and spells of anger
The things of pain I cast on you
The kick in the ass with a razor shoe

You touched the things not yours to touch
The cookie jar the sweets and such
How lightly this all might be
It is you my angry eyes see

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