Zaynah Gatling

Biography of Zaynah Gatling

Im 13 years old... I have Cyklotheimeia wich is a type of depression.. I have 4 friends and two of them are moving very soon at the end of the school year.. Im unique diffrent and Honestly very kind, peole just dont lik me for no reason and im 100% not lying. This isnt a Biography this is about me, cause im still young and i feel like until im old and 30 i can have a biography :) so thats all and I Love Paramore, One Direction, Glee, Pretty Little Liars, Panic at the Disco, and other alternative artst (besides 1D) thats all :) Updates

The Creek

Down by the creek sat
a girl and her bunny,
a bunny with eyes
a bunny who cries

Down by the creek sat
a girl and her bunny
a bunny with holes a bunny with a soul

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