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Hello, my name is Mariah Anne Dahill-Moore.
I was born in North Carolina, and have lived here ever since.I go to a very small private, healthy school called Emerson Waldorf school.I have one older sister who is 5 years older than me.I have one half brother who is 11 years younger than me, he is from my dad.I am 13 years old and living a happy life!

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The Secrets Of Life

These feeling are new to me. All feelings are new to me.
I am new to this world.
I already have the urge to go. To break down the door and run free.
To feel the wind in my face. To have the breeze run through my hair.
To know the feeling of excitement. To feel the rush of love.
To feel the sorrow of pain. To feel what the spirit is.
To know the secrets of life.

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