Zen Bojczuk

Rookie (Philadelphia, PA. USA)

Zen Bojczuk Poems

1. Tying Flies 1/28/2007
2. Claire 6/11/2007
3. Attempted Murder 5/15/2008
4. Now And Then 5/15/2008
5. Mj 6/13/2007
6. Pepper 5/15/2008
7. Lucky Catch 6/19/2008
8. Needs 5/28/2008
9. To Hold 5/20/2007
10. Dreaded Words 6/2/2007
11. Unprepared 6/7/2007
12. Redneck Metalhead 6/15/2007
13. Empty Drift 2/20/2007
14. Sepia Tone 2/20/2007
15. Starred Deeply Into My Eyes 9/25/2007
16. Math 6/19/2007
17. Life Jacket 1/24/2007
18. Have You Ever 5/20/2007
19. Long Handled Net 1/12/2007
20. A Rather Spectacular Sunrise 7/10/2007
21. To The Gym (Haiku) 3/1/2007
22. Parallel Paths 3/12/2007
23. Just Another Attempted Homicide 2/22/2007
24. Valentine's Day Memory 2/10/2007
25. Synchronicity 1/3/2007
Best Poem of Zen Bojczuk


We are definitely out of sync.
Rather obvious. Don't you think?
My bumbling actions were a fright.
You move left, as I move right.

There is a rhythm to the Universe.
Even stars move with poetic verse.
But not you and I - thats our plight.
You move left, as I move right.

To hurt you - That would be insane!
Yet all I touched...a wound became.
Even though I try with all my might.
You move left, as I move right.

I always am some moments behind.
Right words.. Right actions I can't find.
So we part.. yet, linger just out of sight.
You move ...

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Life Jacket

Faceless friend of a friend is he.
Works on an oil rig in the North Sea.
Wears his life jacket as he is told,
knowing its sole purpose is just to hold
his frozen body above the icy waters.
Just one fall beyond safety's borders
and Death counts down the seconds.
Tough job ….but the money beckons.

January 24,2007

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