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1. Confused 6/2/2009
2. Missing Someone 6/2/2009
3. A Word For You All 6/2/2009
4. Life 6/2/2009
5. Someone Said This To Me 8/10/2009
6. Letting Go 8/10/2009
7. Something New I Guess 9/2/2009
8. Rebound? 6/9/2010
9. A Friend For All Of You... 6/9/2010
10. What Is Heaven? 6/9/2010
11. What's Friendship For You? 6/9/2010
12. Loveless Little Me 6/9/2010
13. Tell Me Who Your Friend Are And I'Ll Tell You Who You Are 6/9/2010
14. Why 10/19/2010
15. Just The Way I Thought 6/3/2011
16. I Thought It Was You 6/3/2011
17. Behind The Shell Of A Turtle 6/9/2010
18. This Is Just The Way It Is 6/14/2011
19. A Giver's Love 6/18/2011
20. Untitled 3/28/2012
21. Happy Birthday Kaye 3/28/2012
22. '28' 7/20/2012
23. '3' 7/20/2012
24. Alone 7/20/2012
25. The One I Used To Know 7/20/2012
26. What's My Worth? 4/17/2013
27. Simple Act Of Mine 4/22/2013
28. Fall Down, Lonely 9/21/2014
29. Lost 9/21/2014
30. A Pretty Stranger From The Past 10/19/2010
31. For My Cousin 9/2/2009
32. Realized? ? 6/2/2009
33. Is It Too Late? ? ? 8/22/2009
34. I Can'T Finish It.. 8/22/2009
35. Hate To Say Goodbye 6/2/2009
36. I Hate My Dad 6/17/2009
37. Hate It 6/7/2009

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Hate It

how hard is it to be me
when there's no one that can be called as we.
i want to speak out
but i know there's no one around.

i want to keep what i feel inside
and try to continue to spread my wings wide
im just afraid to fall
cause i know there's no one to catch me at all

i can't cry
and i don't even know why
maybe i'm just tryng to be strong
though i know it's quite wrong

im always alone
no one to be with all along
aloof of other people's eye
cause it might be full of lies

he wanted me to be like that
but im just wondering for...

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A Word For You All

words are simple but its horrible.
words make us happy but its Up to us to be in favor
do words only hurt us? .
but who am i to ask.

wanna let go of my feelings and speak up
but the silence is still unwrapped.,
wanna stay awake
but everybody wanted me to fade

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