Zoe Callender

Rookie (January 23rd,1992 / Minneapolis, Minnesota)

Biography of Zoe Callender

Zoe Callender was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota. On January 26th,2006, her father moved back to England. She moved down to Illinois. Now she works at the Rock Island Center For Math And Science for Sarah Andrus as a filer.

Zoe Callender's Works:

None yet, but I am working on a book about 2 girls who are moving to California, and go to school there. A dramatic, heart touching love story for tweens! ! !

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How You Can Tell

How can you tell
if he's the one?
You have to love him
tons and tons and tons.
He has to make a spark
when ever you're with him.
And you will give up anything for him.
Head, toe, or limb.
He can make you feel happy

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