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41. The Loner 6/22/2012
42. Unfound Paradise 6/22/2012
43. His Dream 6/23/2012
44. A Desparate Song 6/23/2012
45. Death 6/23/2012
46. Years In The Making 6/23/2012
47. Your Chamber Of Memory 6/23/2012
48. Thoughts At A Zoo 6/23/2012
49. Time Ticks 6/23/2012
50. The Lost People Of A Peaceful Place 7/15/2012
51. Cowardice Or Intelligence? 7/22/2012
52. Dying Stars 8/13/2012
53. The Pedaler 7/3/2013
54. My Little Sister's Hands 7/3/2013
55. Intruders 7/3/2013
56. Irises In Boxes 7/3/2013
57. The Strength Of The Tiger 7/3/2013
58. Happiness 7/3/2013
59. Resurrection 7/3/2013
60. A Stranger To Silence 7/3/2013
61. Wanderlust 7/3/2013
62. Along Came A Spider 6/23/2012
63. Where I'M From 6/23/2012
64. Little Lost Boy 3/31/2013
65. The Backwards Boy In The Backwards World 8/31/2012
66. Ribbons 7/3/2013
67. Songs Of September 7/3/2013

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Songs Of September

The leaves faded to orange.
Dappled light at sunset; a spiritual balance.
The fire of Death as is licks up the green.
Faded to orange and fell like hanged men.
And dried to brown.
Fresh earth; the bark of their mothers.
The poverty of the cities of filth.
Dried to brown and crushed like insects.
The trees were left alone.

As the squirrels scurry.
Scurry to gather their life's work
and survive through the soft snow
and the cold hard ground.

The silent crunches of dried leaves;
Death sets beneath the weight of the wind.
The heat of love had ...

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Broken Water

As I stand out gazing at the fantasical landscape before me,
I see the waterfalls breaking water and throwing it around amoung
the glittering, curling plants as they drink the sparkling silver water.
It was breathtaking.
More beautiful than the sunset over pure salt water.
I wanted to touch it.
I wanted to pick the flowers glowing with life and bathein the broken water. Clence my hair under the fall
and air-dry on the faces
of the midnight boulders.

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