Zolani Nkomo

Rookie [Steeze Khambule] (15/06/1995 / Johannesburg, South Africa)

Biography of Zolani Nkomo

Raised by a single mother, she was the bread winner in a family that consisted of my aunt, uncle, her and I. Being the only child in a household full of adults, I couldn't relate to other kids my age in the early stages in my life I resorted to writing lashing out my feelings on paper and creating lude fantasies. My mother working as hard as she was to support us I often was left with no adult supervision so I could always easily access graphic content in audio or visual.

I've been on suppressing medicines ie Ritalin, Sleeping Pills and Pain Killers since very early so I could never get in touch with my real feelings. Most of my work doesn't mention my tough childhood as I created and alternate world, an alternate being.

In primary school grade 1-4 I was always with Grade 9-12's when they left school I was in grade 5 and the new set of seniors didn't think I was as adorable anymore but they saw me as more of a 'pain in the butt' so I had to now find friends my age this was very difficult, we couldn't understand each other and as small as the school was all the boys in class were friends except me.

Coming from the township and going to a 'Model C' school I was labelled things like 'coconut' and often bullied for being the only kid in my block who spoke english fluently, went to a white school and a private school at that. I took these behavioural patterns back to school with me and bullied all the kids who wouldn't be my friends.

Like I had stated earlier I used to hang out with a much older crowd than what I was and they'd share sexual experiences with one another while I'd listen on and I reinvented their stories starring me to the kids my age. I had to find an Identity, Lethabo was my first crush in the 5/6th grade and she became the reason for my fascination with August. Of-course no luck for the fat, perverted, bully kid with the petite ballerina A-Student.

I moved to a government school in the 7th Grade after I had benn expelled from St. Francis College, they handed me a transfer letter with my final report card. They'd have had enough by then it's ok. Benoni West was hell again I was at the bottom no friends in the last year of primary! It was the worst time to be a new kid, I got bullied by kids who were tougher older and new more hardship than I. After all I was a English Speaking Mama's Boy.

High School was fantastic! I met Noluthando in the 8th grade she lived around my neighbourhood said she had known me, we respected each other and formed a solid bond she was my best friend ever, she somehow convinced me to let her touch my penis and after that word spread that I had a rather large memeber for a grade 8 pupil. I instantly became popular, won a couple of fights to back up my crazy with some street cred.

I'd been in my first relationship with Kebone (of-course Noluthando didn't like her) I cheated on Kebone with Colleen when I was introduced to proper sex, Kebone left me. We got back together and then she cheated on me with a guy that was 3/4 years older, she lost her virginity to him, it was done for us.

Most of my work is about the ladies in my life.

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