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Team 7

Naruto was dumb and yellow,
He was that kind of fellow,
Who would hype you
And would never be blue.

Sasuke was the opposite,
This rhyme is apposite.
He was moved by revenge,
His clan, only he could avenge.

Sakura was average,
In her teens she gained courage.
She went and became a medic,
Never panicked, nor shrinked.

Sai was new, sometimes crazy,
Not in that way, wasn't lazy.
He was honest member of Root,
In the end he was good.

Kakashi was lazy A.F.,
His hair, not a butt of a duck.
He read novels, real adult ones,
Look, that's where he runs!

Yamato is really scary,
Wasn't born in February.
Another leader of the team,
Being respected was his dream.

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