The Red King

The King was drinking in Malwood Hall,
There came in a monk before them all:
He thrust by squire, he thrust by knight,
Stood over against the dais aright;
And, 'The word of the Lord, thou cruel Red King,
The word of the Lord to thee I bring.
A grimly sweven I dreamt yestreen;
I saw thee lie under the hollins green,
And through thine heart an arrow keen;
And out of thy body a smoke did rise,

Man And Dog

''Twill take some getting.' 'Sir, I think 'twill so.'
The old man stared up at the mistletoe
That hung too high in the poplar's crest for plunder
Of any climber, though not for kissing under:
Then he went on against the north-east wind--- Straight but lame, leaning on a staff new-skinned, Carrying a brolly, flag-basket, and old coat,---
Towards Alto, ten miles off. And he had not
Done less from Chilgrove where he pulled up docks. 'Twere best, if he had had 'a money-box',
To have waited there till the sheep cleared a field

The Four Queens (Maoriland)

HERE, where the surges of a world of sea
Break on our bastioned walls with league-long sweep,
Four fair young queens their lonely splendour keep,
Each in a city throned. The first is she
Whose face is arrogant with empery;
Her throne from out the wounded hill-side steep
Is rudely fashioned, and beneath her creep
The narrow streets; and, stretching broad and free,
Like a green-waving meadow, lies the bay,

A Philosopher In Christchurch.

(Karl Popper (1902-1994) .

Indeed it was you, Karl, who left Vienna
not a moment too soon, as it turned out,
bound for Christchurch to teach philosophy
and also, for terms, science in Dunedin.
You must have wondered at the Southern Alps.
Did they remind you of the Dinaric Alps
in Greece? You did a fine demolition job
on Plato's 'The Republic', a closed society.

Earthquakes And Tsunami

Some scientists had located a missing geological piece, therefore,
They found a puzzle of plate tectonics in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
East and West Antarctica had spread twenty-six million years before.
The rift between them opened one hundred miles due to this motion.

The scientists had clearly described how the Pacific tectonic plate,
The North American plate has moved at different points in time.
As one plate moves, the adjoining one is affected and some adequate
Theories explain the plate movement and the changes of the clime.

New Zealand’s Great Alpine Fault

earth mobile surface divided into tectonic plates
Alpine fault cross hair connects two subduction margins
New Zealand continent sits on plate boundaries

where ocean floor descends into Earth's mantle
at this point surfaces of two plates making up
South Island alpine fault fatally pressure meets

Pacific Plate on easterly area of New Zealand
is moving westwards Australian Plate on opposing

New Zealand

An earthquake struck New Zealand's city of Christchurch on Tuesday
Burying vehicles under debris and collapsing buildings into the streets.
Police announced a curfew and the city was shut down on Wednesday,
Rescuers scrambled to reach beneath the rubble the residents.

The quake devastated the spire of the Cathedral, and was a real tale.
The buildings had collapsed, and the people were trapped inside.
All around the city, this powerful earthquake strangely bent some rails,
Moreover, it toppled the tall buildings and seventy five people died.

Festival Haiku - Christchurch Cathedral Women Strawberry Festival

Christ church Cathedral Strawberry Festival
the Cathedral is red
on the cake

Christ Church Cathedral Strawberry Festival
the women's hands

Christ Church Cathedral Strawberry Festival
she serves strawberry tea

23feb Which Is Worst?

no sleep
as many

so many

and strong
6 areas in cbd


23feb Many Miracles Near Misses

many miracles
near misses
80% of city
has no water

water flooding
outside my place
stable thank God

ground shaking

23feb10 The Day After: Garden City

many hotels
shocked guests

mortally wounded
garden mourns

no rooms

23feb13 The Day After: I Too Suffer

I too feel
and suffer

for Christchurch
like the floods
in Australia
so much suffering

I pray hurt
I also know

Moral Individual Decisions

At Teacher’s College in Christchurch New Zealand years ago.
The tutor gave us teacher trainee students a moral lesson.
She said ‘If a student asks you a teacher this moral question.’
‘Is it wrong to steal? ’ You must answer the student thus.
‘There is no right or wrong each person decides by individual right.’
‘No right or wrong? ’ ‘Really? ’ ‘The laws are not written so.’

Stealing is a crime prison is conviction caught punishment.
Crime does not pay ultimately bursting packed prisons say.

Haiku: New Zealand Quake 2011

Christchurch New Zealand
lays broken by the force of
powerful earthquake.

Prayer For New Zealand

May God remember
Christchurch, New Zealand—
Who’ve suffered ruin
In their land.

Lord turn the tide
As they strive.
Work in their favor
To provide.

Senryu: New Zealand Emerges

Christchurch New Zealand
emerging from the earthquake
with plans to rebuild.

Child Of Mist

to Christchurch in 83

a toy town
matchbox city

after Melbourne.

New Zealand

Dwarf Life


Male. Short. Knowing. Aging.
Sibling of Sharon and Annette.
Son of William and Jessie.
Lover of Chocolate. Ice-Cream. And Beer.

Who feels freedom confinement and fear.
Who needs friends sport and excitement.
Who gives time energy and life.


It’s a small town.
It’s only a suburb.
But it’s a nice suburb.

Sometimes a suburb
can be a nice place to see.
Flowering free kiwi city

of botanic elfin trees.
Cathedral garden

23feb7 The Day After: Fragmented Reports

we have damage
might be worse?
with strong after
shocks my street?


I have water
from hot water
cylinder but