Earthquakes And Tsunami Poem by Marieta Maglas

Earthquakes And Tsunami

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Some scientists had located a missing geological piece, therefore,
They found a puzzle of plate tectonics in the Southwest Pacific Ocean.
East and West Antarctica had spread twenty-six million years before.
The rift between them opened one hundred miles due to this motion.

The scientists had clearly described how the Pacific tectonic plate,
The North American plate has moved at different points in time.
As one plate moves, the adjoining one is affected and some adequate
Theories explain the plate movement and the changes of the clime.

One plate affects the other one because the mantle waspieced
In a plate jigsaw puzzle, named the 'global plate circuit' mystery.
Zones around the Antarctic Ross Sea and the West rift were imbalanced,
This fact has been a mystery for us about a quarter century.

Knowing about the plate motion around Antarctica is an important key
To understand the motions between the Pacific andAmerican plate,
To understand better than before the East and West Antarctica geology
And to determine the plate motions in California, until it's not too late.

The West Antarctic rift system is acting as aresult of a movement
Along the boundary between East and West, and the lack of information
About the seafloor spreading and the plate motions is an advertisement
Because we don't know what can modify this strong puzzle motion.

The inclusion of this East-West Antarctic motion in the global circuit explains
The gap between Pacific and Australian plates, Adare region, which really
Is the missing plate boundary in the Southwest Pacific, causing the main
Motion and, with the Alpine Fault, modifying the plate motion history.

It affects the motion between spots in the Pacific and Indo-Atlantic Oceans.
It explains the formation of the Transantarctic Mountains and the puzzling gap
Between the Australian and Pacific plates and it explains some notions
About the deformation of the area, the Pacific Ocean is like a spinal tap.

The earthquake near Christchurch in New Zealand confirmed that a country,
Already riddled with fault lines, has gained another one, whichran below
New Zealand, causing many earthquakes each year andlying on the boundary
Between Pacific and Australian plates, under the Australian Eastern plateau.

Pacific plate subducts below New Zealand's North Island and the Australian
Plate subducts below the South Island, while between these two subductions
Zones lies the Alpine fault, along with the mountainous spine of the South Island.
The quake was a result of a fault activity, in a new tectonic combination.

That fault appeared in September, shaking Darfield, someone tried to relate.
Someone else said that a tsunami in the Atlantic Ocean is a rare event
At the subduction zones in the Atlantic basin, along with the Caribbean Plate
And the eastern edge of the Scotia Plate and the disaster can be prevented.

Japan tsunami occurred where the shards of the tectonic plates had met.
Magma rose from inside, causing one plate to move and to slide straight
The other and, jerking forward again, to trigger a new horrible quake set.
They occurred because the Pacific plate moved under the Eurasian plate.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Topic(s) of this poem: earth,earthquake,tsunami
Marieta Maglas

Marieta Maglas

Radauti, Judet Suceava, Romania
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