The Powerful And The Ugly

Stepping up the ladder of success
seemed so smooth, so smooth for Mr. @#$.
He was grinin and laughin
Shuckin and jivin,
had no time for you and me.
He found himself the elite
dancing on easy street.
But the masked dove watches the raven
and the old crow has a place to hide.
O you were havin fun in an arena

Silent Voices

As the night goes and lights falls,
I just can't go with it's caressing darkness,
Know there is something that,
Something that must have been left behind,
The disemboided voices that you can't see
Of silent voices and unsaid words,
Well, this time give me all tympanums,
And the voices locked inside
Won't remain unrevealed,
But believe in the silent voices.


I have to dry these tears I have not cried
When I believed you were by my side
There was nothing to me that I could hide
But this feeling you have ever denied.

I am strongness when I am feeling so weak
I am understandable when I don’t speak
I am reasonble how when I have no my mind
I am nonessential now when it’s lined.