The Powerful And The Ugly Poem by Melvina Germain

The Powerful And The Ugly

Rating: 4.0

Stepping up the ladder of success
seemed so smooth, so smooth for Mr. @#$.
He was grinin and laughin
Shuckin and jivin,
had no time for you and me.
He found himself the elite
dancing on easy street.
But the masked dove watches the raven
and the old crow has a place to hide.
O you were havin fun in an arena
you ought never abide.

And nasty trails you left
along with your deceit.
Ya tossed around the pretties
like sappy blood and ravaged meat.

Your SpokenWord was harsh
as it hit below the belt
and your people knew they lost you
in the ramblings of the spell.

You plucked a little more
than the masked dove wanted you to do
and the terror of the hand
came pounding down on you.

You stepped beside the privileged
in that stiff rhythm you thought would last.
When ya grew to pass them at the finish line
They pulled from the bottom of the flask.
The clock was slowly tickin
Success would have been bountiful
But ya left a trail of nasty
and laughing eyes had lots to pull.
They slapped you in the face
reminded you of your race.

Ya can walk side by side with them
ya can kiss their mighty ass.
Ahhh ya can think you're just as good
and excel at every task.
You can play their games at will
but when you arrive at the finish line
you're the one to take the kill.

All that you worked for
All the glory and the stars
The monetary gain
The respect from earth to mars
Plucked from the hand
Like taking candy from a babe
And ya sit with eyes like saucers
Wondering what happened
To the person they made

Let me tell ya
you can walk in every step
side by side, O yes you can
but you better be clean as a whistle
so no one has the higher hand.

Written by: Melvina Germain
(c) Above The Rayne Volumn 4

Thursday, January 14, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Wes Vogler 16 January 2016

You don't write with literary precision but you get the message across very strongly. I hope the one you have in mind is not Sammy Davis. When he died he was a wreck. Who's gonna get my stuff! ! ?

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