The Streetsweeper

goes by at 1:00 a.m. two nights of the week. I can
hear the feather whoosh of his machine and see
one red light.

I believe that the streetsweeper lives alone,
through the cold days, waking clear-eyed and deft
as the sun goes down.

I believe that he works steadily without a portable

You Can Contribute A Verse

Contribute a verse, contribute a verse,
Who can contribute a verse?
Contribute a verse, contribute a verse,
You can contribute a verse.

You may be an underpaid lab’rer,
Streetsweeper or overworked nurse,
A migrant without any papers,
But you can contribute a verse.

'2010/06/29 Golden Song

After in-depth analysis it seems the only job
which I would be able to excel in would be
sweeping streets, done according to the
principles set out by Beppo Streetsweeper
in Momo by Michael Ende

I cannot be a nurse, I injure myself with hairpins,
or waitress, hairdresser or beautician; the most
suitable occupation for me as shamanistic reader
of books, applying literal interpretations of all

Putin The Streetsweeper

Loves Putin
Honored him
With street name