'2010/06/29 Golden Song Poem by Margaret Alice

'2010/06/29 Golden Song

After in-depth analysis it seems the only job
which I would be able to excel in would be
sweeping streets, done according to the
principles set out by Beppo Streetsweeper
in Momo by Michael Ende

I cannot be a nurse, I injure myself with hairpins,
or waitress, hairdresser or beautician; the most
suitable occupation for me as shamanistic reader
of books, applying literal interpretations of all
kinds of spiritual advice

But not dietary prescriptions; the universal water
cure, drinking four glasses of water before breakfast
might prolong life-span by making life seem so awful
it will be endless, all bland diets supposed to let
us live longer are carefully eschewed by me

I don’t want a long life, I prefer a short one full of
excitement and fun – to give up challenge and
adventure for a safe, boring life seems idiotic,
though the only dangers I can negotiate are
heavy traffic, dodging cars, eating junk food

Drinking stuff, taking medicine, swimming in the
sea, driving a fast car recklessly – it is good
enough, the challenge of staying alive while
doing what I like is wonderful, being safe
would be living death

I shall leave that for the undead among us
with all due respect, my consciousness wants
variety, visiting other dimensions, move on from
life to life – to be trapped in one manifestation for
too long must be detrimental

We all must leave physical reality for astral realms
where thoughts manifest without delay; it would be
such fun to think ‘kablam’ and see an antagonizer
fall, ‘kazaam’ and see flowers springing from the
soil, ‘beauty’ and see one’s own being bloom

To think of the Golden Section in song and create a
dodecahedron by dancing, lift objects by happy
thoughts, fly through the air like thistledown;
there are so many new sensations to be
tried in ethereal dimensions

I can’t wait to discover them all!

Joseph Poewhit 29 June 2010

One can loose themselves in all the confusions of life, also

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Margaret Alice

Margaret Alice

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