YE learned sisters, which have oftentimes
Beene to me ayding, others to adorne,
Whom ye thought worthy of your gracefull rymes,
That even the greatest did not greatly scorne
To heare theyr names sung in your simple layes,
But joyed in theyr praise;
And when ye list your owne mishaps to mourne,
Which death, or love, or fortunes wreck did rayse,
Your string could soone to sadder tenor turne,
And teach the woods and waters to lament

The Death Of The Old Year

Full knee-deep lies the winter snow,
And the winter winds are wearily sighing:
Toll ye the church bell sad and slow,
And tread softly and speak low,
For the old year lies a-dying.
Old year you must not die;
You came to us so readily,
You lived with us so steadily,
Old year you shall not die.

The Loss Of The Eurydice


The Eurydice—it concerned thee, O Lord:
Three hundred souls, O alas! on board,
Some asleep unawakened, all un-
warned, eleven fathoms fallen


Where she foundered! One stroke

Piazza Piece

-- I am a gentleman in a dustcoat trying
To make you hear. Your ears are soft and small
And listen to an old man not at all,
They want the young men's whispering and sighing.
But see the roses on your trellis dying
And hear the spectral singing of the moon;
For I must have my lovely lady soon,
I am a gentleman in a dustcoat trying.

-- I am a lady young in beauty waiting


Pearl of delight that a prince doth please
To grace in gold enclosed so clear,
I vow that from over orient seas
Never proved I any in price her peer.
So round, so radiant ranged by these,
So fine, so smooth did her sides appear
That ever in judging gems that please
Her only alone I deemed as dear.
Alas! I lost her in garden near:
Through grass to the ground from me it shot;

Under The Lime Tree

Under the lime tree
On the heather,
Where we had shared a place of rest,
Still you may find there,
Lovely together,
Flowers crushed and grass down-pressed.
Beside the forest in the vale,
Sweetly sang the nightingale.

Romance Of A Youngest Daughter

Who will wed the Dowager’s youngest daughter,
The Captain? filled with ale?
He moored his expected boat to a stake in the water
And stumbled on sea-legs into the Hall for mating,
Only to be seduced by her lady-in-waiting,
Round-bosomed, and not so pale.

Or the thrifty burgher in boots and fancy vest
With considered views of marriage?

Love Sweet Like A Fragranced Rose

Love sweet like a fragranced rose
Ever just going on
Always like true life that goes
Never fulfilled or done
You are just like this way
Carrying your beating heart
Summer on a sunshine day
Coming so fresh from start

Our love is so eager love

Oh..Lily - The Nobel Flower

Ethereal beauty, moment of sparkle
White, yellow, orange, pink, red and purple
Large, delicate scent, summer or winter blooming truly
Silky refined petals, authentically a divine beauty
Elite is my garden with your presence..oh Lily
Seeing you blossom, good fortune really
Priceless is the moment of pride and confidence
Such is your charisma, Oh flower of purity and opulence
Epitome of devotion, promise of goodness
Simple yet momentous, enlivening one and all, explicitly innate pureness

For Vito

I pray to thou, my Lord
Don't take away this love from me
Living without love seems
Like a throbbing agony

The truelove solely could
Take me out of the dark
I'm proud of loving which
Made me fly just like a lark

Elm Street Revisited

You are too freaked out to get some shut-eye;
The same recurring dream scares the hell out of you.
The haunted house on Elm street where the bad guy
Holds a bitter grudge against your truelove Mary Lou.
Crawling from under the wooden floor, he grasps her by the arm
Saying, ''I'm gonna be your tour guide to blue blazes.
She gasps at hearing your voice, ''Baby, he means no harm.
He's inside your dream, and will be dispersed like hazes.''
The monster sticks out his long ugly tongue, hissing,

All Things

Love is a

Good and faithful


Every budy

Writing on

Power Of Love 3

Comb your area for more stories!
Like a Journalist along the way;
Prepare straight the ways of love.

The power of love!
Best with the truth;
Test your mind with positive morals.

The power of love,
With the muse of righteous morals;

I'm In Love With You

I'm in love with you!

So, answer my prayers if you are the one;

Oh beautiful woman hiding out there in the world! !

Truelove is the key;

With kindness and humility,

True-Love Is The Key

All i need is love!
All you need is love! !
All we need is love! ! !
Hate no one;
True-Love Is The Key.

No more war! ! ! ! !
Not even hatred;
All we need is love.

Geraldine, Geraldine

Geraldine, Geraldine,
Do you remember where
The willows used to screen
The water flowing fair?
The mill-stream's banks of green
Where first our love begun,
When you were seventeen,
And I was twenty-one?

Geraldine, Geraldine,

Every Man Remains An Island

You pace with the gaudy crowd,
the pied throngs on urban land,
but you reckon all unbowed
that Every Man Remains an Island.

Albeit the work is often shared
and you adore her and would love
to be loved forever and cared
for, treasuring loyalty, your Truelove.

Her Beauty

As the night sky celebrates the flare of the full moon
And lake water becomes a guest of this radiant lune
The star that lay beside, glitters in her utmost beauty
And the observer is taken into a trance-like swoon

Even the watery mirror adorns this angelic being so fine
Upon seeing this, the night-sky blossoms into sunshine
None can dare to match her charm and beauty
For even wisdom itself finds her difficult to define

In My Mind

Many have done so and many will try
To praise the unmatched beauty of the sky
But all will fall down in utter disgrace
For her beauty surrounds this entire place

Her body smells fresh like morning dew
She's like a dream and it's interpretation too
The manifestation of desire within the heart
Even intoxicates the one who is usually smart

The Revel-Table

I peer into the park, the revel-table
Sitting on the grass where memories are made.
I feel the breeze brushing in the gambols
Throughout the throngs of shrubby shade.

It feels l'm a fairfolk of a fable
Where he sits and sighs in the gladful glade,
Peering into the park, the revel-table
Sitting on the grass where memories are made.