In My Mind Poem by Doctor Crazy

In My Mind

Many have done so and many will try
To praise the unmatched beauty of the sky
But all will fall down in utter disgrace
For her beauty surrounds this entire place

Her body smells fresh like morning dew
She's like a dream and it's interpretation too
The manifestation of desire within the heart
Even intoxicates the one who is usually smart

Her walk is as an endless flowing river
Warm and cosy never causing any shiver
Ever ready to embrace any hurtful soul
She can fill the emptiness of hearts hole

Her face is like the first rays of morning light
A mere glance can make the dark night bright
Her eyes are doorways into treasures captured
Kings only yearn for such pleasures enraptured

Yes she's an angel come down from high above
I only hope she becomes my friend, my truelove
In her arms and embrace I would lay forever
If only she noticed me, but I fear she will never

I have all these feelings encapsulated within me
I know very well that she will never ever agree
But I can imagine and I can have her in my thoughts
Even though this kills me from within, it simply hurts.

Monday, February 20, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: friendship,imagination,love
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