In my heart you are the mirthful ray
You are the caring, though my companions they
Happy is the world with the Nowruz and with the Eid
You are both my Eid and my Nowruz today

اندر دل من مها دل افروز توئي
ياران هستند ليك دلسوز توئي
شادند جهانيان به نوروز و به عيد
عيد من و نوروز من امروز توئي

Wish On Nowruz

Let this year be
In working or learning
To comfort people in yearning
A smile to spread every morning.

A warm sunset and bright sunrise
With gentle hugs and love to surprise
The message is to praise:

The the lord in peace and harmony


My Persian rug adorns my study floor
Rich in color and thread.
I brought it back from the East
many years ago.
When I hear Scollard's
beautiful poem,
'As I came down from Lebanon'
by association, the carpet comes
to mind.
It's the East that flowers like

Nowruz 2016

Festivities for human friendship
Festivities we celebrates
The humanity likes to celebrate
The life to enjoy and share the enjoyment
Of celebrations that we inherited
Nowruz the day of celebration
We can hope a secure and human friendship
We can celebrate with lot of positiveness.


As Nowruz Day can be
March 20,21,
or 22,
I reckoned
giving its International Day
to the one in the middle
was a fiddle
and was bullying the 20th
and the twenty second.


When every ear has suffered freezing
and each single skin in agony of tanning,
Spring arrives with his blanket full of warmth.
Sets in to deny two extremities keeping abreast
for when acids have gathered too much fury,
alkali flounders to salt out their fuming threats.

Centaurs against Lapiths-
cousins in aged warfare.
Now just when blooms are beckoning

Nowruz Festival Of Spring

Nowruz is a festival of new spring,
Of daylight spring,
A holiday for Zoroastrians,
A celebration of renewal and rebirth.

The day the sun crosses
the celestial equator,
Bringing victory annually,
for the spirit in a glorious coming,
that helps one visit and spread a carpet,

You Are My Merrymaking & Nowruz! (English/Persian)

All of my days are 'merrymaking' [1];

Devils from now on, are in 'mourning' [1];

The 'old nights'[2] are meaningless;

From now on, that you are my 'Nowruz'[2] *

Farzad Jahanbani



To those who like muscles
Rocky was a good film…

For the MAGA people too,
Rocky was a good film…

Though hard to believe,
To me too

Happy Nowrus

I wish you all Happy Nowruz
Iranian New Year Day
Persian New Year day
Parsi New Year Day
Kurdish National Day
Afghanistan's Farmers' day
Albania's Spring Day
Let's plant trees, dig canals
Clean houses, decorate with auspicious symbols
Decorate the doors and windows with garlands