Rocky Poem by Nassy Fesharaki



To those who like muscles
Rocky was a good film…

For the MAGA people too,
Rocky was a good film…

Though hard to believe,
To me too
Rocky was a good film…

Each of us saw the things,
From our POV
And that is it, no more!

A cheap Hollywood movie
And so much liking?

Well, to get to the roots
Study us, the audience…

Then study
Helmut Oberlander,
A translator for a Nazi death squad
(In World War Two.)

And study Pinchas Gutter.
A Holocaust survivor:
"Delays to Oberlander's case
Makes him feel like,
Justice is not being served to Jews…"

Now let Abed Salama talk,
Of the reality of Palestinian life
Under the Israeli rule:
"They killed my son like a puppy! "

How can we not listen to the puppy?
"Under my name, celebrate the weird,
They entertain, lazily, nonsense,
It is their unofficial holiday,
For a week, in the March! "

The poet sees differently:
"With newborn sunrise
I sketched you up on my cheeks,
For every dawn,
Toned our shared canvas,
By guiltless golds and virgin whites! "

And here, the Inuit,
And the Metis communities seek:
"Clean water, clean water, clean water! "

They claim: "We had it when were free,
We had all but ‘Reserves' or ‘Cages, '
Now we live in the kennels like puppies,
Thanks to the brutal guests we fed! "

And I study the Royals and the Racism!

Looking around
And in my cabinet
And my posters
On the walls
Sigh my guests, my siblings,
Albertian and Saskatchewan's:
"And this hurt, it hurts, and hurts! "

They study my memories and travels!

And I celebrate Nowruz,
And I talk with Zoroaster,
I bow to our prophet,
Not in leash, not of fear:
"Please, Please, Please
Help us think good,
Help us talk good,
Help us do good,
In this New Year,
From the birth of equinox,
From the moment of crossing
Of Earth's equator by the Sun's,
Help us love, live in peace,
All of us devoted, like a family."

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