Sunday: New Guinea

The bugle sounds the measured call to prayers,
The band starts bravely with a clarion hymn,
From every side, singly, in groups, in pairs,
Each to his kind of service comes to worship Him.

Our faces washed, our hearts in the right place,
We kneel or stand or listen from our tents;
Half-naked natives with their kind of grace
Move down the road with balanced staffs like mendicants.

April 24

Did you know that Evian spelled backwards is naive?
I myself was unaware of this fact until last Tuesday night
when John Ashbery, Marc Cohen, and Eugene Richie
gave a poetry reading and I introduced them
to an audience that already knew them,
and there were bottles of Evian at the table.
As air to the lungs of a drowning man was
a glass of this water to my dry lips. I recommend it
to you, a lover of palindromes, who will also
be glad to learn that JA read us three "chapters"

Pal In Dromes

Palindromes are spelled the same in reverse:
“Esrow saw racecar was worse.”

Some of them seem like magic:
“Cigar? Toss it in a can. It is so tragic.”

Some ask questions that are odd:
“Do geese see god? ”

These two were written by a mind in a fog?


Hopscotch is easy if you’re a tourist,
And the sea is easy if you’re a fish,
But your eyes I’ll never forget,
Like a woman singing in French-
Not matter what she is saying,
It sounds like she loves me,
It sounds like she loves me,
No matter what she is saying,
But you’re eyes I’ll never forget,
And the sea is easy if you’re a fish,

Best Poems Are Palindromes Are Poems Best.

Palindromes are poems best hope
of expressions of love and peace
in places of hopelessness.
Why highlight this fantasy of confusion?
Perhaps us (perspective persona)
confuse that belief with reality
also producing absurd abstraction of truth.
Is truth capable of abstaction?
Is there weakness in argument here?
Argument in weakness? - There is

Special Palindromes

With a friendly font,
not a miracle but a marvel.
A marvel? Remarkable.
Markable. Noteworthy.
Of note. Nice
for their reflective symmetry
and reading the same vice versa, versa vice:

and just for their reflective symmetry:

Palindromes And Paramours

Palindromes and paramours walk back
And forth in the night,
Tell each other secrets, kiss:
Floods of bicycles suddenly speed by like
Schools of wheeled fish:
They are having a race, slick like
A dream, ready as a coffin:
Two girls say they should no longer make
Love, even though they are ready.
Underneath the palms they fail,

Waiting For Her To Get On Home

Scarred in all too little ways- waiting for you
To come around, kicking balls,
Your jaw so well outlined in the pullulating rind of
And I have cannon balls, and bathroom passes,
And reasons to believe that I am a straight shot of a
Reason to believe that this last little bit might survive,
Even while the flamingos fart,
And I untie the expensive lace of another flirt,

Defeated By A Casual Angel

Rather this meadow is vacating-
An esplanade curled at the corners like the
Sly smile of a coy lover-
It is too late now to start anything on fire;
I just have time enough to grab my baseball
And head off to work-
It is snowing in the oilfields, but the horses
Are watered.
I have holes in my boots, but you are not


All the cherished lives building chicken coops
Up into the
Ceruleans of ceiling sky where the Titans were
Once rude,
Those old, basketball playing gods, like the crushed
I had way back in freshman year
With palindromes and
Tarpon: I was already like the old man in the sea,
Wearing old shoes and skipping gym;
And masturbating- and masturbating:

Poem: Sator Squares

It’s very surprising that “SATOR Squares”
seem to appear everywhere
the mighty Roman army had gone;
can they together, really belong?
Can anyone else see
inside this puzzle’s mystery?
It’s been learned that it’s not a game
and a truth, always remains the same.
Known is the square’s earliest evidence –
Can it be a mere coincidence,


Palindromes say the same
Whether forwards or reverse
It is like a word brain game
The meaning is never diverse

A phrase that I find amusing
Is: Never odd or even
Try it out, it isn’t confusing
This one oddly makes me grin

Palindromes Haiku

Too hot to hoot
if I see sir, I see Sif
I too hot to hoot

Auto Ad (Haiku Palindromes)

A Toyota! RAC-avid,
some men interpret nine memos
diva car a Toyota!

Palindromes On The Radar

I found a box of palindromes
Surely you're glad I had 'em
Here's one straight from the catacombs
'Madam in Eden I'm Adam'

All the same letters fore and aft
Silly little phrases seem dumb
Do not be scared, you're free to laugh
'Murder for a jar of red rum'

42 & Bridges

It's always running
Running out
What is its value
Is it a thing
What is a thing
Am I a thing
Are you a thing


Palindromes (Haiku)

Nose nods a hairy
so Geronim a minor ego
Syria has done son

Marching Carbonized Palindromes And The Third World War

Violins market themselves
To the illustrious depressive culture of
Irregular devils
And the staccato signals
Of gazillionaires
Shine radar fire to the citizens of this life.