Great Poem by Robert Rorabeck


All the cherished lives building chicken coops
Up into the
Ceruleans of ceiling sky where the Titans were
Once rude,
Those old, basketball playing gods, like the crushed
I had way back in freshman year
With palindromes and
Tarpon: I was already like the old man in the sea,
Wearing old shoes and skipping gym;
And masturbating- and masturbating:
Then my venal and my sick muses were a still far
Off threat;
I was still in shop class, and not failed at Latin;
And the only angels I knew lit up for Christmas:
But this sky is not new-
There are dead kittens in the drainage of the sky,
And his brother died young too:
And Sharon is in Colorado, and busted:
She will sing until the mine falls down, and the clouds
Slanting like green cannons in a sinking ship;
And they lie down like exhausted and dying hikers
And sigh at the last;
And I will cut your hair in the night with the politicians;
And I am writing now- and I haven’t smoked
Since I felt my Disney World right next door to the canal-
Diana is single again, and Anibal wants her;
And might have her, and my cheeks are cherry red:
Diana is single again, because of my song she heard whispering;
My beautiful song she wanted from me,
She may never hear again;
And Erin didn’t admire the opening; she doesn’t like poetry,
But the opening was as perfect as the going out:
And this is the coffin floating like a gondola in Paris,
And I am presumptuous for I am already great.

Robert Rorabeck

Robert Rorabeck

Berrien Springs
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