Only Time Will Tell

the sentimental secrets seeping in silence
as i roll over in sackcloth of sensual search
in the vale of sexual illusions...
in the unison of two unhaloed bodies
floating in aluvial sweats of sensousness

only time will tell...

the shared secrets of sinistral soul-mates
holed up in the tryst of premarital sexcapades

I Got Somebody To Kiss Now

Lips so luscious
Eyes agaze
Hearts a thump’n (My. My. My.)
How it races
I met the man of dreams
Or the equivalent
It makes me swoon (Don’t way feelings too soon)
Too early to tell
But I keep forgetting what he looks like (he must be the one)
I know what he looks like but

Awkward, The Feeling Of Love.

It just doesn't feel right
The way i feel inside
It's different from how it was before
Could it be our tragic flaw?

Things have become a routine for me
The things i say, do and see
It no longer means anything at all
Could this lead to our fall?


Night in, Night Out
I lay in bed looking through the lacy view to the stars
My view is destructed by the cold space next to me.
Then a shadow of sadness of yet another night alone.
The gurus preach that woman should embrace and enjoy singlehood,
But none prepares you for the insanity of your own dialogue,
the envy of your friends' smile when talking about their love life,
or did not remind that the giant pillow in your bed,
will not respond to your pain nor cuddle you during winter nights.
So tell me again what is so great about singlehood except not sharing your time and money with some else.

Couples Celebrate

Looking deep into the affairs
A royal affair of one's life-
Singing songs of joys and sorrows
Of success and failures-
After finishing the two innings
Innings between life and death
What about vacuum in between?

Ladies in red and gents in their white
Leaving no trace untraced for love

My Village Girl

Far away
In a place called home
Peace and tranquility
With children running around
Cooking from the charcoal pot
Youths gathered and engrossed
Local poli-tricks a topmost agenda

Elders sniffing their snuffs
Settling with kegs of palmwine

Here We Are

Even here we get turn
A natural appraisal of gift
Take it in as I get pin
Keep it wet let the bet began
So far so now
Dress me with thy breast
There I take rest

Hold me so you can't let go
Dare not go back now