My Village Girl Poem by Raimi Babatunde

My Village Girl

Far away
In a place called home
Peace and tranquility
With children running around
Cooking from the charcoal pot
Youths gathered and engrossed
Local poli-tricks a topmost agenda

Elders sniffing their snuffs
Settling with kegs of palmwine
With bush meat suffering the lot
What about the girls
Talking in hush voices
The boys that toasted them
"Small girls with big God"
Their escapades in the bush
Lagos and Harcourt boys
They rule the game
Afterall, "Na dem dey rush us"

Don't tell anyone
I heard village girls are stronger
And adventurous
In the other room
No wonder Chukwudi journeys
Business meetings as usual

If only Ashake knows
That her first love is on ground
Afterall, i didn't sign any oath of celibacy
Or is my Ashake married?
My beautiful Village Queen
Let me continue to search
Maybe i can be lucky
To see an Ashake
Who will be my Chioma
Then i will offer Assurance
As time is not my friend
In a bid to raise a generation

If you have met your Ashake
"Biko, jide ya ofuma"
You are the reason she is transformed
Especially after your kids
Tear that garment
With the insignia of flirtation
You are officially off the market
She abandoned her dreams
Aspirations and goals
Denied herself of lifes goodies
Just to make a good Mrs.

But in the meantime
Still in the market?
Enjoy your singlehood
It is your life; your choice
Because in the University of marriage
You never graduate
It is filled with memories
Sweet and not too sweet memories
That makes you a better you
For better for best

Wednesday, April 3, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: love
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