I Got Somebody To Kiss Now Poem by derrick foster

I Got Somebody To Kiss Now

Lips so luscious
Eyes agaze
Hearts a thump’n (My. My. My.)
How it races
I met the man of dreams
Or the equivalent
It makes me swoon (Don’t way feelings too soon)
Too early to tell
But I keep forgetting what he looks like (he must be the one)
I know what he looks like but
When I’m not with him.
I know what he feels like
I know his scent
It’s imprinted in the mind
Yet, it’s the kiss that lingers
The plumpness of pucker
The softness of tongue
The sweetness of breath are encoded in the heart (How cheesy is that)
I end up cheek to cheek
In these emotions
And it’s the kiss that meanders
I float on air
Now that I’ve found it
How can I go back to singlehood (there goes my independence) ?
I can’t avoid the thought
Sensations of the kiss
This connection is instant the want and sensation
The need for something so pressing (those lips on mine)
Tilt this way lean that way (don’t stop)
Pulling closer into you
I can’t stop smiling at this thought
I have someone to woo (how romantic)
Someone I can snuggle with and rub noses (It’s so hard to leave)
I gotta catch my breath (Thump, Thump Thump)
How the heart races
As our lips meet
I got somebody to kiss now.

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