An Incantation

Come with me, and we will blow
Lots of bubbles, as we go;
Bubbles bright as ever Hope
Drew from fancy -- or from soap;
Bright as e'er the South Sea sent
from its frothy element!
Come with me, and we will blow
Lots of bubbles, as we go.
Mix the lather, Johnny W--lks,
Thou, who rhym'st so well to bilks;

The Broken Men

For things we never mention,
For Art misunderstood --
For excellent intention
That did not turn to good;
From ancient tales' renewing,
From clouds we would not clear --
Beyond the Law's pursuing
We fled, and settled here.

We took no tearful leaving,

Captain Reece

Of all the ships upon the blue,
No ship contained a better crew
Than that of worthy CAPTAIN REECE,
Commanding of THE MANTELPIECE.

He was adored by all his men,
For worthy CAPTAIN REECE, R.N.,
Did all that lay within him to
Promote the comfort of his crew.

To My Wine

To my wine I sing
of the times of peace,
when officers shall not make calls at the door.
The ruler is bright and virtuous,
His ministers loyal and trustworthy.
Abiding by propriety and courtesy,
The people have no cause for lawsuits.

From three years of farming, nine years of stores,
The granaries overflow with grains

Joe Golightly - Or, The First Lord's Daughter

A tar, but poorly prized,
Long, shambling, and unsightly,
Thrashed, bullied, and despised,
Was wretched JOE GOLIGHTLY.

He bore a workhouse brand;
No Pa or Ma had claimed him,
The Beadle found him, and
The Board of Guardians named him.

Choice Of Ice Creams

A choice of options and solutions rewards
Many decision makers, punishes home breakers
Redeems peace makers and award Samurai swords
To infantry soldiers who retire to spank faith fakers.

A choice of suitors, debtors and creditors determines
The health and wealth of romantic and robotic bank accounts
Held fast in commercial banks and in social spins
From which financiers and dancers hobnob with financial viscounts.

Brave Graves

Graves swallow brands, sands and strands of the brave
Who challenge lozenges in every stage, every wage and every age
Of life where mourners with wailing banners, scanners and spanners rave
As coffins, muffins and remains in the soil bacteria engage.

Graves accommodate the poor, the rich, the young
In the same soil where dearth, health, stealth, wealth, mansions, pretensions
Attentions, pride, valour, fling, bling, wigs, tattoos and the sharp tongue
Count for nothing because they all accomplish their destinies' missions.

Pamberi! ! !

As I have come to know, the man with a Golden Glow.
I search deep inside,
I hold him in my heart, with so much pride!
Keith Nell to me - you are a man of strength, compassion and love,
given to all of us, from up above.

Your amazing zest for life and your truly wonderful wife.
Your dreams do come true, in all that you do.

Purple Rains

Gray clouds embark, Purple Rain soliloquy, Purple haze Crimson crush groove Autumn bedazzled I welcome you, first snowflakes falling sequined jumpsuits Marquees Viva' Las Vegas Viscounts of the strip, Alas where turtle doves cry Midnight Blue crisp and cool. The Summer I bid you adieu ' Sunset & Vine. ' The Winter I await you ever so fierce and elegant. Gray clouds depart Sunrise dawn breakings through for by Spring I am renewed A love so true.

The Lay Of The Lady Lorraine

The Lady Lorraine was sweet and fair;
The Lady Lorraine was young;
She had wonderful eyes and glorious hair,
And a voice of a cadence rich and rare;
Oh, she was a lady beyond compare--
By all were her praises sung,
Till valley and plain
Took up the refrain,
And rang with the praise of the Lady Lorraine.