To My Wine Poem by Cao Cao

To My Wine

Rating: 2.9

To my wine I sing
of the times of peace,
when officers shall not make calls at the door.
The ruler is bright and virtuous,
His ministers loyal and trustworthy.
Abiding by propriety and courtesy,
The people have no cause for lawsuits.

From three years of farming, nine years of stores,
The granaries overflow with grains
While the elderly have no need to labour.
Rainfall is abundant and of proper time,
The myriad of crops a great harvest yields.
From the highways are pulled back mighty steeds,
Their manure used to fertilize the fields.

From dukes down to viscounts,
all love the common people,
demoting the unworthy, raising up the good
As fathers and brothers they nurture the people.
Those who defy the law
are punished according to the severity;
though none is so selfish as to take roadside property.
The jails are all empty,
and on Solstice day no sentences are pronounced.

All live to eighty or ninety,
and pass away only of old age.
The ruler's compassion touches all creatures equally.

Peter 18 May 2020

Full of idealism, granted he had the vision to be a supreme ruler but at least in the story depictions he was far from moral in his leadership, though his ability is without question. Perhaps if he had wiped out his rivals that utopia pictured in this poem would have been realised.

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