Pamberi! ! ! Poem by Veronica Murdoch Eaton

Pamberi! ! !

As I have come to know, the man with a Golden Glow.
I search deep inside,
I hold him in my heart, with so much pride!
Keith Nell to me - you are a man of strength, compassion and love,
given to all of us, from up above.

Your amazing zest for life and your truly wonderful wife.
Your dreams do come true, in all that you do.
This journey with you, has surely been one of my best,
I watch you in awe, and your ongoing jest!

Go well Nell - with your own olympic flame,
hold it high and hold it firm,
We' re all right behind you,
no matter where you turn! !

As your day draws near, I know that this is very special to you,
I shall watch from the crowd, a tissue in my hand too.
A lump in my throat and a chest full of pride,
you have done this dear Sir, and all in your stride.

To gather together, families and friends, from our Viscounts Down,
in prayer, in love, from the city, farm and every other town.
Even countries together, have embraced this pain,
of Rhodesia's 911, that happened once and once again.

This historical day, when we stand beneath the skies,
we'll remember, when we did this before and heard the painful cries.
Only this time though, it may bring more closure and peace,
knowing that our loved ones memories, never ever did cease.
Keith Nell, dear friend and mentor, for this I shall salute you,
Honoured and inspired, in all that you do.

......................... Ronnie Murdoch Eaton

Pamberi! ! !
Unwritten Soul 30 August 2017

A nice tribute to honour and to remember glory that brought by such warrior. Never forgotten n always shining more with this poem

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Veronica Murdoch Eaton

Veronica Murdoch Eaton

Bulawayo Zimbabwe (Rhodesia)
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