Above The Poets Station

You’re a poet, as they say
All you write is poetically full of art
Wince when you read your stuff
As from literacy you stand apart

Such great depiction, fiction
wordplay and poet structures
Diction, contradiction, dead
good words and writing such as
Ballads, salads and other kinds

Wordplay With Marshmallows

Some days are meant for marshmallows
Such light and puffy stuff
Time for tossing words about
For phenomenal fun with fluff
Infinite interludes for introspection
Imbue innumerable another day
However a taste for marshmallows
Suddenly insinuated itself today

No harm ensues from marshmallows


Totally presumptuous.

A bit of an earful.


A Poe-Try Wordplay Before Logging Off

Insight... is only superseded by foresight,
which in truth is an out-of-the-box sight-

of thinking, brainstorming, eyes phased and sideways,
tapping the God-Gift of peripheral pathways,

as opposed to premonition which is poor definition,
of twenty-twenty vision, or false intuition-

from a night time apparition, better known as a Dream,

Useful Idiots

Useful idiots
All around.
And they failed to
Understand me.

I borrow time
And useful idiots
Help me reversed.

I know not

Epigrams 6

epigrams 6

These are humorous epigrams: puns, wordplay, quips, zingers, japes, jests, gags, giggles, one-liners, irony, etc.

State of the Art
by Michael R. Burch

A poet may work from sun to sun,

Double Helix Abecedarian Poetical Pizza Extravaganza

Accomplished verse must whizZ
Zestfully forwards as imagination's fleA
Bites author's itchy fingers. Cells greY
Yearn to coin expressions. Gift of gaB
Crafts timeless phrases which waX
Xanadu with Coleridge nectar, emotive gamut pedantiC,
Devise surprising riddles whose fair floW
Will appeal to all who reaD
Empathetic intellect must reV
Vers libres, prose or traditional versE,

Copper Snake

This tale describes how Israelites all grumbled
at God and Moses in the wilderness.
Although they all by biting snakes were humbled,
God cured them by a magical process
which violated laws that Moses gave
the Israelites. Much later Hezekiah
rejected idols many people crave,
refusing to allow them to expire.

Long journeys made the Israelites most restive.

Visit Of The Queen Of Sheba

As gifts to Solomon the Sheban Queen
brought lavish presents, Cushite gold
and precious stones and incense, clearly keen
to prove that she would not withhold
her treasures from a monarch who had built
his reputation on his wis-
dom, and a temple expiating guilt,
thus offering herself as his,
not sacrifice upon a temple altar,
but partner in his bed.

Ogden Nash

I can say, without a hint of flattery,
That wordplay devoid of nattery,
And disciplined use of rhyme,
Get the verse done every time.

Conversations With Sarah Jay About Rape, Love, True Love, Acceptance, Cum Ink, Holiness And Etc......... - Joshua Aaron Guillory

Sarah Jay: Hey, Josh

Josh: Hey, Sarah Jay!

Sarah Jay: I'm still in awe what you did to my friend, Alisha!

Josh: Don't be in awe! Be in awesome because it was amazing!

Sarah Jay: How was that amazing? She is the daughter of a very noble prince in Arabia! You deepthroated her! And now she craves your cock! And is willing to get down in public and suck it for you! and for herself over the chastity of Allah!


I like to play tricks with words,
Because they feel so much better than

The tricks I played with you.

Alphabet Artistry

Able acrostic artist’s alignment adds air.
Alliteration asks acknowledgement aware,
Bard’s brain bequeaths benchmark billet, blends braid bans blare,
Beware braggarts’ boasts, banality, betrayal backstair.
Classic composition, clear content, compare
Creative couplets, compliment competent care.
Drawing descriptions deftly displayed debonair
Droll doggerel dubbed dextrous, doubts dismayed. Declare
Entertaining epistle’s extent e’er ensnare

Double Helix Abecedarian - Xylophonic Resonance He Licks Enigmatic

Kindly refer to notes. and see Temptations and Poetic Pizza Extravaganza below :)

Xylophonic Resonance
double helix abecedarian

The first line begins with A and ends with Z
the next line begins with Z and ends with A
The next line begins with B and ends with Y
The next line begins with Y and ends with B


Wondrous whirling worlds of words
Wander away.
Smooth musical tunes from the Muses melt my mind
And make my heart go boom.

Sunny sylvan scenes seduce my soul
In a simmering silence
Broken only
By birdsong.

So Sad Satsumas

The uneaten satsumas
sat there all day

as we played
with words
with love
with words of love
with wordplay.
And by the process of osmosis
the satumas soaked up

Scribbles Transcribed

Some write for glory and for fame.
I write because I am obsessed
and wordplay is my favourite game.

I concentrate on poetry
Because I find it to my taste
and pass my time creatively.
I could not sit and watch T.V
and live my life vicariously.
That would drive me to insanity.

You Want To Be Born Again

In evening I need
to speak with my small voice
to fill my dreams with moon.

Buried alive in the brick―
wall, a frightened poem

I will meet you, my muse―
in your space, without any pang,

My Erotic Double

He says he doesn't feel like working today.
It's just as well. Here in the shade
Behind the house, protected from street noises,
One can go over all kinds of old feeling,
Throw some away, keep others.
The wordplay
Between us gets very intense when there are
Fewer feelings around to confuse things.
Another go-round? No, but the last things
You always find to say are charming, and rescue me

How Do Poets Get Their Ideas?

How do poets get their ideas and simply write and write,
Dismissing all their doubts and fears and sharing day and night?
It doesn't matter what they've penned when editing's not done,
But this I tell you, as a friend, editing sure is fun!

It can transform the weakest phrase that first came to the mind,
It can enrich so many ways what some folks leave behind…
A comma here, a comma there, a comma there as well
And suddenly… an answered prayer… as things begin to gel…