Wordplay With Marshmallows Poem by Mary Havran

Wordplay With Marshmallows

Rating: 3.6

Some days are meant for marshmallows
Such light and puffy stuff
Time for tossing words about
For phenomenal fun with fluff
Infinite interludes for introspection
Imbue innumerable another day
However a taste for marshmallows
Suddenly insinuated itself today

No harm ensues from marshmallows
(No eye need be put out)
As long as one practices prudence
While tossing them about
As with all sugary self indulgence
Some control needs be employed
But no call for complete capitulation
(Marshmallows won’t be denied)

Like clouds they are in substance
(Or at least they so compare)
This froth of egg whites and sugar
When fully whipped with air
Though sticky at inception
Once given a chance to chill
Then danced through dusting of powder
They proceed to a benign thrill

One cannot subsist on marshmallows
(I do concede that singularity)
And some don’t relish their taste
(So I embrace such peculiarity)
But allow me this indulgence
On this extraordinary day
While a penchant for marshmallows
Occupies my wordplay

Emancipation Planz 30 January 2008

A cullinary delight... house rule = always play with food... Marshmallows (allow smash) ...

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May Heron 14 January 2008

Who would have thought someone could put so much thought into marshmallows?

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Charlie Prince 28 December 2007

Interesting diversion from the ordinary fare.

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