Above The Poets Station Poem by stephen stirk

Above The Poets Station

Rating: 4.8

You’re a poet, as they say
All you write is poetically full of art
Wince when you read your stuff
As from literacy you stand apart

Such great depiction, fiction
wordplay and poet structures
Diction, contradiction, dead
good words and writing such as
Ballads, salads and other kinds
of verses with great meaning
Acrostic, Agnostic and all other
words that see you preening
Rhyming, timing and all the stuff
that makes you look artistic
Hard to read and nothing
really makes your stuff simplistic
Excreta, meter, rhyming
All about your brother Peter
Verses with great timing
all with just a single rhyme repeater
Arty words but never farty
Dressed up in a dictionary ‘bonnet’
Time for wordsmith party
Can you find a rhyme for this – yes Sonnet!
Who was it that wandered
all around as lonely as a cloud?
Are clouds lonely? Verily it’s pondered
Do they seek your friendship in a crowd?
I.Q, Haiku, do your readers even like you?
Tanka w****er, you’re so on the ball
So pretentious’ does that saying ever strike you
Jack of all trades master of sod all

You’re a poet, as they say
and all you say is poetically full ofshit
Read up or down, I’m pretty sure
you’ll never find much sense in it

Though some was meant!

Ian Bowen 03 September 2009

Stephen, written like an honest poet. Truth abounds.10/10 Regards, Ian

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LOVEFOOL Aka 03 September 2009

Nice rant! ! 10+++.....

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Ency Bearis 03 September 2009

a write from an observant true poet well presented......10

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Ernestine Northover 03 September 2009

Sure you haven't missed out some more kinds of poetry, although I must admit you have done pretty well in this one. Great read and very well woven together. I would say it is pretty AWESOME! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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Linda Ori 04 September 2009

Well, I'd say that just about covers every poet on PH, and beyond! We can all find something here to indentify with, some obviously more than others - lol! Thanks, Steve - you're very observant! Linda; -)

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Elena Sandu 24 February 2012

Hahaha, as always a greatest fun to read your poems, thank you!

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David Harris 23 October 2009

Stephen, your sense of humour just floors me all the time. This one is no exception. Top marks and thanks for sharing this my friend. All the best David

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Catrina Heart 16 September 2009

Above have the flatform of reality...............great written poem..........10

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~ Jon London ~ 15 September 2009

Lol! ! ! ! , Stephen you never fail to place a smile on your readers faces...I love this rant of your...rich with humour my friend...greatness comes from every piece you pen with your giggle ink....well done 10++

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Shashendra Amalshan 15 September 2009

hey this is fun to read sir! ! ! ! Your thoughts are well expressed indeed. In PH not many poets express their true feelings about other people's poems, ... Well you said it well indeed! ! Whatever it is, this is very entertaining poem.. cheers shan

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