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41. Shackles 1/26/2013
42. Spin Of Love 10/17/2013
43. Squint 10/17/2013
44. Sweetest Smile 10/17/2013
45. The Conversation 1/21/2013
46. The Dummy And The Beauty 10/17/2013
47. The Rightful Denizen 6/26/2011
48. The Spirit They Worship 1/18/2013
49. Three Households 10/17/2013
50. Today Is Yours 8/26/2013
51. Tranquil Heart 2/16/2013
52. What Kind Of A Man 8/26/2013
53. What Next Then 7/25/2013
54. What's Bad For The Goose 2/20/2013
Best Poem of Abdulrasheed Dawodu

Daughter Of Eve

Here I stand
Just outside your well guarded heart
Heavily fenced like a palisade
Hard to penetrate

The closer I come
The farther you become
Can't it just be a sheer heart?
So everything in it we share?
Your feelings are in your silence
Your silence is words
Your words are parable
Your parable I can't fathom
Like a wind
You whirl and twirl me around

You cry with your smiles
The smile in your tears
Opaque heart
How will one ever know
What it withholds
Oh daughter of precious Eve!

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The Rightful Denizen

When allies degenerate into foes, then
The heart evicts her denizen

When the voice becomes a litany
The swaying leaves lose her rhythm

The hunter only hunts his bait
From its shell, detaches the snail

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